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Explanation of our team’s CRM System


Our team uses Follow Up Boss as our team’s CRM. Note that we also subscribe to iXact, but this is merely to power our monthly e-newsletter and printed newsletter.

How this system works

  • Our CRM has all of our current clients, past clients and leads in it.

  • It serves as the central “source of truth” for all of our client data and contact details. It must be kept up-to-date so that other systems can check the validity of their data against this system.

  • The team’s administrator is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the database.

  • Clients are segmented through a variety of stages and tags associated with their profiles.

  • We use Follow Up Boss because:

    • It is inexpensive relative to the benefit that it brings. It is a net profit centre.

    • It has a shallow learning curve relative to other CRM’s.

    • It can be adapted to various roles, such as lead, buyer specialist, admin and ISA, without interfering with each other.

    • It has a robust mobile app

    • It has a “dialer” for making, logging and recording calls (useful for taking notes or coaching).

    • It has a central activity field for each client so we can seamlessly hand off clients and cover for each other.

    • It integrates well with our other systems, particularly Gmail and our lead generation channels.

    • It uses an intuitive Kanban-style board for deal pipelines

    • The smart list filtering system provides an intuitive way to follow up and convert leads.

    • It improves the efficiency of other systems, such as:

      • Lead Generation (smart lists, labels, tagging for client events or other criteria)

      • Lead Generation (provides a destination for new leads)

      • Tracking and Measuring (shows where opportunities are in our deal pipeline)

      • Conversion Systems (records calls, lead sources and client touches)

System Must-Haves

  • Stages: We mark all CRM entries by stage, including:

    • Lead,

    • Cold

    • Warm

    • Hot

    • Nurture

    • Trash

  • Tags: We tag all CRM entries, including:

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