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Policies of the team regarding potential areas of controversy.

All team members are encouraged to be active in their communities with the aim of making the world a better place. All team members are encouraged to be exercise the freedoms that are given to us, such as speech, religion and association, while also keeping in mind that what they do in public, and especially while working or on social media may be taken by the public to be a reflection of the Nick Fundytus Team and Nick Fundytus.

In cases of question or disagreement, please speak with Nick directly. In cases of strong disagreement it may be best to part ways with the team if we cannot be in alignment on values.

Key Values

In all things, our team values:

  • Dignity of the person, both our clients and ourselves. We are expert professionals providing a highly valuable service to important people at a key time in their lives. We express this as People Over Properties on our website.

  • Approachability. A key part of our role is in education to our clients, to the public and to our colleagues. There are no stupid questions, and we will take the time to educate our clients until they are comfortable with the answers.

  • Building Connections with our clients, our colleagues and our community. We believe in the social contract that says that no one succeeds alone. Our success requires that we turn around and help those in our community who are less fortunate. We will also use our voice to lift up and promote our local businesses and causes in our communities.

  • Sharing Openly. Our team does not have any trade secrets. Our best practices and our knowledge should be shared freely with whoever can benefit, whether that’s the public, our clients or even our competitors. When we give generously, everyone wins.

  • Respect for the Natural World. Wherever possible, we will reduce our impact on the Earth’s natural resources and support initiatives that promote a Greener, healthier Earth.

With Regard to Politics

Our team’s brand is socially progressive and fiscally central. We believe in the social contract that gives a safety net and opportunities to everyone, and works towards a fairer society. We believe in fiscal responsibility, but not at the expense of the welfare of the masses. We especially believe in policies that respect the natural world and preserve and protect it for future generations. We are non-religious as a brand.

If posting or commenting publicly with regard to politics, some best practices apply:

  • Get Nick’s approval before posting on the main account

  • If in doubt as to whether a post is in sync with our team’s beliefs, do not post

  • Hug our haters. Do not engage with trolls or mean-spirited comments on our social media or reviews, but bring them to Nick’s attention.

With Regard to Religion

Team members are discouraged from posting about religious matters publicly on social media. Similar guidelines apply as to those for Politics.

With Regard to Sexual Orientation and Gender

Our team believes in the rights of the LGBTQ2S+ members of our community and we are allies in their causes around Ottawa.

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