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How to add photos to a new MLS listing on Matrix. For a full video, watch

Where Do I Find the Right Photos?

We use Podder Media (Marc) for our listings and Chelsea shoots Rental listings with the Matterport Camera.

Photos and 3D tour are ready within 24 hours. Check Nick’s Gmail for an email containing links to the media:

The subject of the email will be “123 Main Street photos are ready for download!”

You can download the images from the link in the email. These folders will include the floor plans as well.

How Do You Download The Pictures?

  1. Open your Google Drive file for the property you are listing (will be titled “123 Main Street (Jane + John Doe)”)

  2. Create a folder inside this one labeled “123 Main Street Photography”

  3. Inside this folder, create three more folders labeled “MLS Quality” “Listing photos” and “Floor Plans”

    1. Remember that you can upload a maximum of 30 photos to MLS. Ensure to select the best 30 photos for this folder.

  4. Download all images from the links provided by Podder Media (including Floor Plans) and upload them to the appropriate folders you have created.

How to Upload Images For a New Listing in Matrix

  1. Log into OREB

  2. Select the “Matrix” icon

  3. Select “Add/Edit” from the top menu

  4. Select the listing you would like to add the images to under the “Quick Modify” dropdown menu

  5. Under “Other Options” select “Manage Photos”

  6. Click the “Browse…” button

  7. Upload the MLS quality images (maximum of 30 images can be uploaded).

  8. All of your images will be uploaded in the order they are in the folder. You can adjust this afterwards on Matrix if need be. Ensure that the photos are in an order that makes sense - imagine that you are touring the house.

  9. Make sure that your primary photo is a picture of the front of the house.

  10. Once all of the images are uploaded, scroll to the bottom

  11. Select “Certify and Save”

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