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To add an Open House to Matrix;

  1. Select “Add/Edit in the top tool bar

  2. Select the property you want to set the Open House up for

  3. Under “Select Form”, choose “Open House (Add/Remove)

  4. Add in the dates and times as well as any comments (like following COVID protocol and bringing ID and proof of vaccination)

    1. Typically, an Open House on the weekend is hosted from 2-4pm

  5. Validate and Submit to make your Open House date LIVE! It will connect with ShowingTime.

  6. Your Open House dates will appear on your MLS listing. Please see screenshots down below!

To add an Open House to our website;

  1. Log in to the back end of the website

  2. Under “Property Administration”, select “Open house slots”

  3. Select “+ Add open house slot” on the right hand side of the screen

  4. Add the date, start and end time and save

  5. The open house dates will appear like this in the “Open house slots” page

6. Once this is done, go back the the “Site administration” page and select “Residentials” (or whatever type of property you are listing) under the “Property Administration”

7. Select the property you would like to add the open houses to

8. Scroll down to “Open houses”

9. Select the open houses that apply to this listing (you can select multiple)

10. Click the Website URL so that it is highlighted (weird quirk of the website, it wont show changes on the actual website unless you do this step)

11. Click “Save”

12. Your listing on the website will look like this

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