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  • Trello is a web-based list-making application. We use it for lists and processes.

  • we use this in conjunction with Slack to organize tasks and clients


  • think of Trello as multiple pin boards that you can organize items on

these are "boards"
  • these are some of our boards

  • they are located in the upper left corner of the page

this is "Nick's To Do" board as an example

  • above is Nick’s To Do board

  • each board has “columns” and “cards”

  • you can create as many channels and cards as you like and move card from column to column as you work though something

  • this board has everything we are working on that is not related directly to any specific client

Buyer Pipeline Board on Trello

  • To create a card, simply select the “+Add another card” at the end of

  • add a title to the card

  • you can load almost anything to a Trello card including:

    • PDF

    • JPG

    • PNG

    • MP4

    • screenshots

    • files

    • documents

  • you can also:

    • add members to assign

    • a description

    • checklists

      • you can also create template checklists to add to cards easily

      • there are pre-made checklists for buyers and listings

    • due dates

    • link google drive

    • assign an image as a cover image (make it a pic of the clients so that you know who is who)

Slack Integration

  • Slack and Trello talk to each other!

  • you can send a card to a Slack channel

  • there are further integrations, but we do not use them as of now

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