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Nick Fundytus is Ottawa’s People-First Realtor. This page expands on what that means and some of the strategies that we use to convey this brand.

Source Documents

NineSixteen Creative did some great work for me in 2018, and then again in 2021 to create a brand book to share with the team, guide our actions, and share with vendors and partners.

2022 Brand Book - Guidelines for all visual branding for Fundytus Inc.

2018 Brand Summary - Out of Date, reference only.

2018 Brand Identity Guidelines - Out of date, reference only.

For our written work, I’ve also changed default fonts in Docs to reflect the visual branding above.

Quick Font and Logo Guide for Google Docs and Sheets - Link to Google Doc with correct fonts and spacings for default headings, titles, inline logos, etc.

Key Points

The Only-Ness Statement (from Brand Summary)

Nick Fundytus

What: The only realtor

How: That puts relationships first

Who: With young home buyers

Where: In Ottawa

Why: Who are buying or selling their first home

When: In an era where property sales are prioritized over people.

Colours (From Brand Identity Guidelines)

Our two main colours are used along with Black and White


PMS: 2745C

CMYK: 97 100 0 18

RGB: 40 0 113

HEX: #2b266d


PMS: 130C

CMYK: 0 32 100 0

RGB: 242 169 0

HEX: #f5a81c


CMYK: 40 30 30 100

RGB: 0 1 4

HEX: #191919


CMYK: 0 0 0 0

RGB: 255 255 255

HEX: #ffffff

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