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Nick Fundytus is Ottawa’s People-First Realtor. This page expands on what that means and some of the strategies that we use to convey this brand.

Source Documents

NineSixteen Creative did some great work for me in 2018 to summarize my Brand and give it a visual identity. It’s summarized in these two documents:

Brand Summary - This is the summary of what my brand is all about.

Brand Identity Guidelines - This is the visual bible for my brand. Includes graphics, colours and fonts among other things. It gives great guidelines on how to use (and how not to use) these features of the Brand.

For our written work, I’ve also changed default fonts in Docs to reflect the visual branding above.

Quick Font and Logo Guide for Google Docs and Sheets - Link to Google Doc with correct fonts and spacings for default headings, titles, inline logos, etc.

Key Points

The Only-Ness Statement (from Brand Summary)

Nick Fundytus

What: The only realtor

How: That puts relationships first

Who: With young home buyers

Where: In Ottawa

Why: Who are buying or selling their first home

When: In an era where property sales are prioritized over people.

Colours (From Brand Identity Guidelines)

Our two main colours are used along with Black and White



C97 M100 Y0 K18

R40 G0 B113

HEX #: 280071



C0 M32 Y100 K0

R242 G169 B0

HEX #: F2A900

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