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Based upon this chart.

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Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • BS1.1 - Prospect for both seller and buyer leads, convert leads to appointments & close for buyer agency agreements

  • BS1.2 - Conduct a thorough needs analysis to ensure fiduciary service to all buyer clients

  • BS1.3 - Ensure that buyer clients are pre-qualified with mortgage lender

  • BS1.4 - Show homes to prospective home buyer clients

  • BS1.5 - Identify homes to show that meet buyers’ criteria

  • BS1.6 - Schedule showings of homes with buyer clients, listing agents and/or home sellers

  • BS1.7 - Refine buyers’ criteria and select additional homes to show as necessary

  • BS1.8 - Write & submit all offers to purchase homes for buyer clients

  • BS1.9 - Negotiate offers to purchase and oversee entire negotiation process

  • BS1.10 - Schedule and attend on-site property inspections with clients and vendors

  • BS1.11 - Negotiate all inspection repairs

  • BS1.12 - Provide buyer clients access to homes under contract as needed for measuring, inspecting & etc.

  • BS1.13 - Promptly return all buyer client telephone calls, texts and/or emails

  • BS1.14 - Gather and answer buyer questions about potential homes and local community information

  • BS1.15 - Provide buyer clients pricing information and market research

  • BS1.16 - Educate buyer clients about home buying process

  • BS1.17 - Regularly assure buyer clients that lead agent is involved & informed - Promote the team concept

  • BS1.18 - Keep lead agent informed on all client communications and developments (copied on all emails & update notes in CRM)

  • BS1.19 - Close buyer clients to written offers to purchase

  • BS1.20 - Train, mentor and assist in the hiring of additional buyer’s agents and showing assistants

  • BS1.21 - Communicate diligently with administrative staff to ensure the highest level of service to buyer clients from initial contact through contract to close

  • BS1.22 - Regularly attend team meetings

  • BS1.23 - Preview homes to keep market knowledge current

  • BS1.24 - Host open houses for lead generation and to serve seller clients

Production Expectations

• Lead Sourcing

Buyer’s Agent is expected to generate an equal amount of leads & closed transactions from Buyer’s Agent’s own

Sphere of Influence (SOI) and general prospecting efforts to match the number of leads & transactions generated by

the team an ultimately closed by Buyer’s Agent.

• Team Generated Leads

(definition) Apply the “But-For Test”: But for the existence of the team & it’s listings, would the lead have been

generated? So inbound calls from signs on listings and internet inquiries from online listings would be considered

Team Generated Leads since but for the team & the listings they would not have been generated in the first place.

• Buyer’s Agent Generated Leads

(definition) Leads generated from Buyer’s Agent’s own COI and other prospecting efforts like Expired Listings, For

Sale By Owners (FSBO), Just Listed/Just Sold contacts and etc. Any listings generated by Buyer’s Agent will also

count as Buyer’s Agent Generated leads for sourcing purposes.

• Activity Tracking

Buyer’s Agent is expected to input & report all prospecting and client servicing activities regularly for accountability

and to keep the rest of the team informed.

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