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Convert leads into prospects using systemized contact.


Contact new leads 7 times over seven weeks to convert them into prospects and/or qualify them. This is well described in Prospect by Brian Icenhower pp. 93-94. Our steps below use a modified version of Tristan Ahumeda’s system in this video.


  1. Activate the “7DOL” (Seven Days of Love) action plan in Followup Boss for new leads that have come in via online. Depending on how they arrived, FUB may have already activated this automatically.

  2. Keep checking in on the daily tasks to keep up with the lead. At the end, mark them as a prospect and act accordingly, or as “unresponsive.”

Alternate Steps (Icenhower Method from Prospect)

Only use this method if you have decided not to use the FUB drip campaign, or if the lead did not come in from a sign call, such as at an open house.

  1. Week 1 - Send them a note card saying “It was nice to meet you.” Remember to remind them of how you met.

  2. Week 2 - Send them a follow-up email, using the 4-part template provided on p. 90 of Prospect. Remember to come from a place of contribution. Mentioning something the two of you previously discussed will make them feel that you remembered them personally, and the email will feel less “salesy” and more genuine.

  3. Week 3 - Connect with them on social media. Friend them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram. Begin slowly by liking or commenting on a couple of their posts, but not too many! Be positive, but subtle.

  4. Week 4 - Send them a direct message on Facebook. Again, remember to come from a place of contribution, such as sharing something you think would be of interest to them.

  5. Week 5 - Invite them to an event via social media. For example, if you met them at an open house, you could let them know you’re hosting another open house in the neighbourhood.

  6. Week 6 - Send them an event reminder via email saying, “I hope to see you there so we can continue our great conversation.!”

  7. Week 7 - Ideally, they would attend the event and you could solidify the connection in person. If not, email or call to verify any missing contact information, such as their physical mailing address.

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