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Lead Source: Young, urban adult in Ottawa looking online to purchase their first home between $400k-1.2M “Chloe”

Source: Prizm Analytics

  • Age: 23-28

  • Sex: Female

  • Income: Household Avg 90k.

  • Education: University.

  • Family life: Very young singles & couples.

  • Location: Urban sectors.

  • Activities:

    • Go out with friends to local eats/drinks (bars, dance clubs, art galleries and music festivals).

    • Yoga.

    • Sporting events.

    • Active in social issues.

    • Shop at Sephora, Lululemon.

      • Will pay more for environmentally friendly products.

  • What they read: Time Magazine, Narcity Canada.

  • What social media are they on: Tiktok, Instagram.

Lead Channels

  • Social Media Paid Ads (to build brand awareness - demonstrate involvement in similar interests?), Open Houses, Sponsor or host a dog adoption day at the local park, booth at home shows.

  • Social Media Contests

  • Farming in high rental buildings.

    • Offer help in renting during first flyer event.

    • Second flyer - a more direct ask with good offers (e.g., free home inspections while you look for a home).

    • Try it for 6 months for one building and then add another one.

  • Booth at a wedding fair.

  • First time homebuyer seminar at the building’s event space.


  • Assistant to set up events and manage farming.

  • Showing agent? - to reduce time investment per client.

  • Uncertain - needs Nick’s magic touch.


  • Flyers & Distribution

  • Time invested into volunteering

  • Events

  • Social Media Paid Ads

  • Social Media Contests ($100-300 per contest)

  • $0 for FUB

  • Unsure - needs Nick’s magic touch.


How many leads are you going to get and how many deals over the next 6 months?

  • 6 closings reached.

  • 200 leads acquired.

  • Hours worked?

  • Total dollar cost?

  • $7,500 GCI per lead ($600k sale price - 50% to team).

    • Would these leads count as part of my database?


  • $45,000 GCI Total

  • $__ cost per lead ($ Expenses/# of leads)

  • $__ cost per closing ($ expenses / # of closings)

  • $__ profit


How can I scale this system over time?

  • Add new clients to repeat and referral program

  • Greater ad spend

  • More frequent social media contests

  • Larger or more frequent events

  • Larger area of farming

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