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How to conduct prospecting power hours. These are in two parts, hard prospecting from 9:30-10:30 on weekdays, and soft prospecting from 11:30-12:30 on weekdays.


To serve people that may choose to work with us, and to increase the opportunities for our team that lead to closed sales through professional, consistent outreach and follow-up.

Rules of Power Hour 1

This is hard prospecting (uncomfortable, voice-to-voice, often with strangers). We do this first to get it out of the way when we have the most energy, and to build momentum for the rest of the day.

  1. Be at your desk and ready to start at 9:30. Ready means:

    1. Laptop open to FUB and Matrix

    2. Phone charged

    3. Hands-free calling device (headset) via the FUB app on your phone

    4. USB Webcam for Bombbomb videos (not the camera on your laptop or phone)

  2. We prospect as a group (for now, until solid habits are formed) for the full hour. This means:

    1. Do not schedule other activities for this time block.

    2. No getting up to make coffee or a drink (have a water bottle ready)

    3. No conversations between teammates that aren’t strictly related to a client or lead

    4. If you need to leave the room during the hour, that time is added back on for your at the end, plus five minutes.

    5. Focus on serving leads and booking appointments

    6. Urgent, active business should be dealt with beforehand or in between blocks

  3. Work your smart lists from left to right

    1. Call

    2. Make notes about your call, including a background note that would tell me about them if I read the file

    3. Add tags

    4. A lead that has received 10 calls is considered unresponsive. You need to add a note and then adjust their stage to “nurture

    5. Note bad phone numbers and put them immediately in nurture stage.

  4. Keep a scratch pad handy for thoughts about things you need to deal with later.

Rules of Power Hour 2

This is soft prospecting. This is generally serving people that we already know to generate new opportunities and deepen relationships.

  1. Start with finishing your hard prospecting from the morning if you still have leads left to serve that you haven’t reached out to today.

  2. Create a social post and post it on your own social, plus our team’s social. We have a Google Space for this as well.

  3. Work your lists from left to right.

    1. Make detailed notes about your conversations and fill in details in FUB.

  4. Serve:

    1. Text reach-out to relationships. Karim has a binder.

    2. Offer professional recommendations or our professionals list

    3. Offer quick CMA’s, or create one and then follow-up

    4. Send a handwritten note to follow-up with the people that you’ve spoken with.

    5. Share video playlists such as FTHB.

    6. Ask people out for a coffee/breakfast/lunch.

    7. Share a relevant article

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