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Targeting downsizing seniors. Her name is Peggy.

My Lead Source: Senior in Ottawa looking online to downsize with bungalows/condos under $800k “Peggy”

  • Age: 60-100

  • Sex: Female

  • Income: Retired

  • Location: Anywhere in Ottawa or aging neighbourhoods in Ottawa (e.g., Sheahan Estates, Manotick, Beacon Hill North)

  • Activities: Walking/running, gardening, playing sports (golf, tennis).

  • What they read: The Globe and Mail, online news.

  • What social media are they on: Facebook, Youtube.

Lead Channels

Door knocking, Farming, Open Houses.

Second Lead Source: GenZ adult in Ottawa looking online to purchase their first home between $400k-1M “Chloe”

  • Age: 23-27

  • Sex: Female

  • Income: Household 80k-150k

  • Location: Central-Eastern Ottawa.

  • Activities: Go out with friends to local eats/drinks, eat out at local restaurants.

  • What they read:

  • What social media are they on: Tiktok, Instagram.

Lead Channels

Social Media Paid Ads, Door Knocking, Open Houses, Sponsor or host a dog adoption day at the local park, booth at home shows.

High rental buildings - flyers drop off. Try it for 6 months for one building and then choose another one.

If she’s engaged, booth at a wedding fair.

First time homebuyer at the building’s event space.

Door-knocking first time helping her rent.

Second door-knocking a more direct ask with good offers - free home inspections while you look for a home.



Projections: How many leads are you going to get and how many deals over the next 6 months?

  • Make it conservative.

  • 6 closings.

  • 200 leads.


  • 45,000 GCI Total

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