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What is Bombbomb?

Bombbomb’s main concept is that its a program that allows you to send video emails. But it does so much more than that! We use this program to send video, send targeted email blasts, create forms (open house sign in, event RSVP) and we’ve connected it to our gmail accounts to make video emails send-able directly from our emails. This program also lets us track who has opened our emails, which is pretty awesome! 

How to add a contact and contact list

  1. Click on the “Contacts” tab at the top of the page to get to the contacts page. This page has all contact information as well as contact lists.

  2. To add a contact, simply click “Add Contact” and then “Add Individual.” Plug in name and address. If you want to add them to a specific group you can select the group name in the “add to list” drop box. If you don’t simply leave it at “all contacts” and they will be added to the general list. 

  3. To add a specific contact group, click on “create list” on the left side. 

  4. Type in the group name and the list will automatically save. You can then add contacts to this group by clicking “add group”

  5. When you’re sending out emails, you can select which group you want to send the email to, this is good for sending out mass emails without having to put in every individual contact. 

How to track who has opened the a Bombbomb email or video

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  1. On the Email page find the email you would like to track

  2. Click on the “Edit” dropbox and select “Track” (image 18)

  3. This will bring you to the page that lists everyone who has opened the email

How to make a Bombbomb form

  1. On the home page (image 17), click on the “Forms tab”

  2. The next page is full of the existing forms, but to create a new one, click on “New Form”

  3. From here you can add fields and connect those fields to client contact groups. This allows that person to automatically be added to the contact group once they submit their form making it easier to find them within the database. **You do need to create the group under contacts before making the form (see “How to add a contact and contact list” above for instructions)

  4. You can also pick a pre-recorded email to automatically send once the form is filled out (see image 21).

(Image 21)

  1. To embed this form onto other platforms, click on the “embed” icon at the top right corner of the form page to get the code. 

How to record a bombbomb video

  1. To record a video click on the video tab on the homepage (image 18). All saved videos are found here, including the ones that were recorded via gmail (video emails sent to clients). 

  2. Click on “add new video” and from here you can either record a new video or you can upload a video from your computer and save it onto Bombbomb. 

How to send an email and embed video

  1. To send an email, click on the “Email” tab on the homepage (image 18). 

  2. From here you can select a template for your email (see how to write up an enewsletter for instructions on how to pick a template).

  3. In the middle of the template there is a grey box that says “click to add image or video.” 

  4. “Media Settings” will then show up on the left side. From there you can embed a video or and image. You can also live record a video from here to put into your email. (see image 22)

(Image 22)

How to Bombbomb from your email (and when you Bombbomb)

  1. The Bombbomb extension should already be attached to your email and you can record videos directly from your gmail account. 

  2. When you compose a new email, there is a black circle at them bottom right side. When you hover over this icon, a red dot will appear. Click the red dot to start recording your video, the video will then automatically embed itself into your email. 

  3. You can also hover over the black dot for some more options. One of the options is to embed other videos that were pre-recorded on the Bombbomb website. 

  4. Tracking. A great feature is that Bombbomb will tell you when your email has been opened by its recipient. 

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  1. The videos you record in Gmail will also be saved under videos on the Bombbomb web page

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Using Snippets in Gmail

Snippets are stock bits of text, links, video or images that are saved in Bombbomb that we can easily insert into gmail. We use these for things that we repeat over and over, like sending our list of preferred mortgage brokers to a new client.

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