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  • is a minute or less video we create to review the Ottawa market monthly

  • get all stats and info through REALTOR Link on OREB under the “Market Statistics” tab

  • the stats are posted by the 5th of each month on REALTOR Link

  • here is an example of a Market in a Minute video that we made

  • we use InDesign to create these videos

  • this is the maximum amount of statistic info you want to use

  • also write a blog to accompany it that has a bit more information. There is a monthly newsletter that accompanies the stats that has a lot of great info broken down

  • use the same format every month, just go in and edit with new info

  • the video will be an MP4 format

  • get Nick to do a little mini intro and check over the blog

  • make sure you create a header for the blog post as well

Post To Blog

Example of a blog header

  • create this image in DesignWizard

  • when you post to the blog, make sure you embed the video so that it is part of the blog as well

  • to do this, select the little video icon

  • you can paste the video link from YouTube right here

  • and allow it to set the Dimensions and leave “Constrain Proportions” selected

  • add a few sentence “Tease”

  • choose your publish date and status

  • the “Meta Description” is a short (under 1500) word description that allows when someone Googles for your blog to come up because key words are used. VERRRRRRY IMORTANT

  • make sure you do BOTH “Meta Keywords” and “Tags” with as may # as possible

  • make sure that the from “Sites” at the end so that it appears on the website

  • click whichever save option is best for you

Post To

  1. YouTube + get link

  2. Instagram

    1. to download the video on your phone, go to

    2. sign in

    3. download from the actual search engine

    4. you cannot download directly from your Google Drive App (I know… weird… trust me)

  3. LinkedIn

  4. Facebook

  5. Twitter

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