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What is Webforms?

Webforms is where all of the electronic forms can be found and filled out. To access Matrix is the same as how you would access Matrix. You must go through the OREB Dashboard which is bookmarked as “SafeAccess Login.” A login will be provided to you or you can use Nick’s login and password.

How to use Webforms

  1. You must first create a transaction kit, click on “Create Transaction Kit” (see image 28).

  2. You can then title it as the client’s name or by a property address pertaining to that kit. 

  3. Once a kit is created you will have the option to add forms, do so by clicking the “Add Forms” button. 

  4. You will then be brought to a page where you can search for the forms you need. For example, if you creating a kit for a listing you’ll need the Listing Agreement, Schedule A, Working With a Real and FINTRAC form. Once you’ve selected all of the forms you need, click on the “done” button, this will take you to the kit with all the selected forms.

  5. Click on the form you’d like to edit and form there you can fill in information needed. Information automatically saves, so there is no “save” button

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  1. Once you’re done, Nick may ask you to send him a copy to verify. Simply click the “Download Kit” button at the top right and select the documents you want to download. 

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