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What is Webforms?

Webforms is where all of the electronic forms can be found and filled out. To access Matrix is the same as how you would access Matrix. You must go through the OREB Dashboard which is bookmarked as “SafeAccess Login.” A login will be provided to you or you can use Nick’s login and password.

A new version of Webforms was launched April 2019 and fully implemented early January 2019. It has a few glitches and there are some tricks that are worth making note of. These notes are from the Webforms training at Bank Street on December 6th, 2019. WARNING: they may need to be updated.

  • for now, new Webforms will load when you log in, on the top right corner, you can select the arrow pointing to the left with “Legacy Version” written underneath

  • in order to return to the new version of Webforms, select “SWITCH TO WEBFORMS 2019” on the top right

  • old version can be accessed until December 16, 2019, then turns to flat documents (un-editable)

  • Jan 2nd (?) it will completely dissapear

  • if there is ever an old file that you need access to after this date, contact CREA

  • they did not consult actual agents when creating this new Webforms, so its glitchy

  • If you need help, this icon links to helpful tutorials.

  • If you need additional help or to contact support, select the question mark icon from the menu on the left of the page for email, phone number, training webinars, help guides or training videos.

  • A (not) quick walk through recorded 12/10/19 http://vid.us/xps74o

Add and Remove from Dashboard

  • select the lock on the top right of the dashboard screen to add or remove icons (?) on the Dashboard

  • you can also resize them by selecting the green triangle in the bottom right corner of each box

To Transfer Transaction Kits

  • go in to each kit

  • select “Send Kit to WEBForms 2019”the bottom of the left hand menu under “apps”

  • you will then get a green banner saying that the Migration is complete

  • all of these files will be flat (non-editable)

  • if you want editable files, you have to download them all as a PDF first

  • save any possible current forms to your drive for now


  • your custom clauses are now called “Personal Clauses”

  • they are now switched over automatically

  • you can access them under the three gears (Setup) on the left hand side of NEW WF

  • select “Clauses”

  • You will have three options

    • Personal Clauses: These are your custom clauses

    • Office Clauses: These are clauses that RLP wants you to use

    • System Clauses: These are pre-created clauses

  • make sure that you go in to your personal clauses and;

    • make sure that the format is correct

    • you may have to copy/paste in to a word document and then paste back in for the format to be correct

    • you may also have duplicates, or even triplicates of your clauses

    • clean this up ASAP for easier access

  • to add a new clause, select the “+” button on the top right

  • you can then create a folder or a new clause

  • the rest is self explanatory



  • to link, select the shopping cart Apps Store on the left hand side of the 2019 version

  • you can then link any of these by simply clicking the green “Link” button

  • WARNING: apparently this link sometimes has to be un-linked and linked again as it can glitch

TO SHARE a form to NexOne:

  • there are two ways to do this

  • this first is to send while still in a form

  • at the top of the page when you are editing a form you will see a bunch of icons

  • the pen on the far right is the icon you want to select

  • it will then as you if it is for a listing, transaction or buyer’s agreement

  • select which one is accurate

  • either it will not work (in that case go in to the shopping cart on the left and re-link) or send through and take you to NexOne

  • it seems to add it to a file with the correct name, however I would defiantly double check that it sends to the correct transaction

  • the other way is to send it from the transaction dashboard

  • select “Go To Forms” on the bottom left hand side of the Forms box

  • select the bubble beside the forms you want to send

  • select the basket

  • select the pen icon

  • it will take you over to the transaction in NexOne


  • you can share transactions with Team/Sharing

  • great if you have a team or are going on vacation

  • can only share with those who are licensed (?)

  • to set up:

    • go in to the three gears on the left hand side

    • select “Teams/Sharing”

    • here you can add anyone who is licensed to your “team”

    • you can share and enable editing or read only

    • whatever is done on a shared sheet, is in your name

    • when you share, it will go to their email

  • you can also edit what you are notified about anything Team/Sharing related by:

    • going in to the three gears

    • select “Notifications”

    • select “Team/Share”

    • edit within

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