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This is the overview of marketing activities for the Nick Fundytus Team. Nick and Hannah have the final say in this entry.

For a breakdown of strategy and how-to’s for each individual activity, see our Integrated Marketing Plan (2023) overview and entries.

Nick’s flowchart drawing for our 2023 Content and Marketing Strategy.

Who is this for?

This overview is for the lead and administrative team, as well as collaborators who may need to understand specific aspects (for example, the expectations of how a blog is written).


Purpose of Marketing

To grow my business so that our team has dependable, scalable income and increased leisure time.

Objectives - What am I measuring?


2023 Goal

Per Month

Leads from advertising (non-ISA)



Leads from ISA



Leads from web registrations






Listings Taken









Background - What have we been doing?

  • Previously, marketing was a mix of marketing/service and sales

  • Too many “random acts of marketing” were occurring without a holistic plan

  • I was losing weaker leads as they are not being nurtured and converted

  • I have a clear brand (“people first”) that I can build upon.

Competition - Who is our competition?

My competition comes in a few archetypes:

  • “Rob Marland”

    • Has an established neighbourhood presence

    • Skilled and experienced

    • I have to beat this archetype based upon my preparedness and clear system.

  • “Tulip Team”

    • Huge marketing budget

    • I have to win on personal service, focus on client, education

    • Will win on systems and level of attention

  • “Reyes Group”

    • Young and fun

    • Has some systems

    • Will beat him on organization

Not our Competition

  • FSBO’s - (purplebricks, grapevine, comfree)

  • Investor Agents (not the same clients as mine)

  • Gimmicky agents

Strategies - How do we reach our clients?

We have three main types of clients. Because listings can be leveraged to generate business, our focus should be on Sellers.

  • First-time homebuyers

  • Move-up buyers

  • Sellers

We have several sources where leads tend to come from directly.

  • Past Clients

  • Repeat Clients

  • Sphere of Influence (mine, and those of my team)

  • Reddit

  • Sign Calls

  • Ad-generated clients directly to our team

  • Ad-generated clients vetted via ISA

  • Past Clients, Repeat Clients and Sphere of Influence

    • Along with Sellers, this is the type of client where I should be expending 75% of my marketing effort. Past clients and SOI are my most valuable connections and create the best quality opportunities at the lowest cost. My SOI is ranked by priority in my CRM. I reach them by:

      • Pop-bys and events

      • Personal Notes

      • Calls

      • Socializing

      • Print Newsletter

      • eNewsletter

  • Sellers

    • Sellers are the second-most valuable source of client to market to. A seller with a listing allows me to generate buyer and seller leads and demonstrate credibility by doing (social proof). I reach them by:

      • Social funnel to web

      • Strong conversion plan and sales plan

      • utilize the life cycle of the sale to create many touch points and opportunities for marketing.

  • Buyers

    • Buyers are some of the least expensive leads to generate, but often take the most time to convert. We reach them by:

      • Social funnel to web

      • Byproducts of other marketing

      • Open Houses

Strategies - What principles are we basing our strategies on?

  • Marketing can build a brand, drive leads or nurture leads.

  • We use an integrated marketing plan with our website at the hub (hub and spoke model).

    • This is “integrated” because the messages that people receive at each stage of working with us support and reinforce each other and our brand.

    • This is a “weatherproof” strategy in that it focuses on a space that we own and control: our website. By using other channels to direct to our website we:

      • Have fewer spaces to keep updated, meaning less duplication of work such as reformatting every video for various platforms

      • Build a rich space for our leads, prospects and clients that raises us in their esteem, making referrals more likely

      • Improve our organic search profile and SEO through continuous content creation

      • Minimize the impact of changes in the social media landscape on our business, since these are out of our control and we don’t “own” these spaces.

  • My strategy is multi-channel and video-first.

    • YouTube

    • Email lists

    • Facebook Profile

    • Facebook Professional Page

    • Facebook Group

    • Instagram

    • Instagram Stories

    • LinkedIn

    • TikTok

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