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Impress our clients with a high level of consistent, repeatable service during the purchase or sale process.


Moving and Possession are two of the most exciting and stressful points for a homebuyer or seller. We can help by making these a positive experience. This is the Transaction Coordinator’s responsibility (Listing to Contract). The Transaction Coordinator directs the Buyer’s Agent where needed to complete these duties. It is important to note that the Transaction Coordinator “Owns” these duties, and is responsible for ensuring that they do them on time or ensure that someone else does them on time.

List of Duties and Competencies

May include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking in with Lawyers and Lenders a week before closing to make sure that all documents are in possession of the correct parties.

  • Making sure that Buyers and Sellers have received a referral to a good mover if they want one, well in advance of closing.

  • Stickhandling final walkthroughs for Buyers, and attending if licensed and appropriate to do so.

  • Asking clients for feedback on the process and referrals if appropriate.

  • Noting moving day in client record in Follow Up Boss.

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