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Expectations and strategies for using and improving our team’s wiki. This is our team’s wiki. It is published publicly and you can always access it at

You can access the wiki with your login and password in LastPass


I expect all team members to be able to use our team wiki as a resource. You also have a responsibility to contribute to it and leave it better than you found it. The idea is that if you were promoted to another position on the team, or moved on, the wiki would help a new person seamlessly fit into your role.

  • Clients benefit from our good systems and routines that result in great service. In turn, this improves their satisfaction, increases the likelihood that they will buy or sell with our team, and refer us to friends and family.

  • As team members, we are all happier if we know how to do our roles well, with clear expectations.

Strategies and Best Practices

  • Work slowly and document the process in the wiki when you are doing something for the first time. This will save our team hours and hours in the future.

  • Know the shortcut for screenshots and include visuals when documenting something.

  • This wiki is published publicly. Do not include personal contact details of team members, clients or passwords when editing. Be cautious of this in screenshots as well.

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