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When a person becomes a lead by signaling their interest in buying or selling a home, we need a system to follow up with them consistently. If not, they will forget about us and buy or sell with a Realtor who does stay in touch. We need to provide value at this stage to demonstrate that we are worth working with.


The goal at the lead stage is to get the lead to become a client who is pre-qualified and signed to a Buyer Representation Agreement.


  • In all conversations, there is a Real Estate component. Don’t force it, but be prepared to deliver value.

  • Listen more than you speak, and ask questions to learn about our clients.

  • Be in as close contact as you can, from most to least effective:

    • In Person - meet for coffee, at the office, buyer’s presentation

    • Live Video - Zoom or Google Meet

    • Phone Call

    • Recorded Video

    • Text (remember that you can do video text)

    • Email

    • Social Chat

  • Get to know our leads using our intake forms, meetings, calls. Listen for their motivation.

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