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Impress our clients with a smooth listing process.


This is the Listing Manager’s responsibility (Listing to Contract). The Listing Manager coordinates and directs the Listing Agent where needed to complete these duties. It is important to note that the Listing Manager “Owns” these duties, and is responsible for ensuring that they do them on time or ensure that someone else does them on time.

List of Duties

May include, but are not limited to:

  • Prepare all listing materials: pre-listing presentation, Listing Agreement, sellers’ disclosures, comparative market analysis, pull online property profile, research old multiple listing service (MLS) listings and etc.

  • Consult & coordinate with sellers all property photos, staging, repairs, cleaning, signage, lockbox, access requirements & marketing activities.

  • Obtain all necessary signatures on listing agreement, disclosures and other necessary documentation.

  • Coordinate showings & obtain feedback.

  • Provide proactive weekly feedback to sellers regarding all showings and marketing activities.

  • Coordinate all public open houses and broker open houses.

  • Input all listing information into MLS and marketing websites and update as needed.

  • Submit all necessary documentation to office broker for file compliance.

  • Input all necessary information into client database and transaction management systems.

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