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What is Fiverr

Fiverr is a program in which you can purchase services from people who specialize in things such as graphic design, video, programming etc. 

What do we use Fiverr for?

We use Fiverr for a variety of different services. Some of the projects we’ve used it for in the past were for logo designs, converting images to vector files etc. We’ve also had a number of videos made to use for presentations and event advertisement.  

How do you use Fiverr?

  1. Click on “Post a Request” and write out a description of what you’re looking for. Give as much detail as possible and fill out the required information boxes. 

  2. When you’re done, submit your request.

  3. Seller on Fiverr will then bid on your project offering you a price.

  4. You’ll receive an email saying that you have bids waiting, from there you can look at everyone who has bid and check out their previous work. When you’re ready, pick the person you’d like to take on your project.

  5. From there you’ll be in direct conversation with the seller and can go back and forth with them until you’re satisfied with your product.  

The one professional we use on Fiverr is @greenpalette. Nick (the owner of @greenpalette) is a fantastic virtual stager and we use them when we need to virtually stage a vacant property. If you have more than a few photos to virtually stage, I recommend messaging Nick with the number of images you would like staged via the messaging option and they will get back to you within a few hours with a custom quote.

Once you have received the quote, accept it (they are worth the $ and offer very reasonable prices for the quality of virttual staging. Be sure to follow the prompts and add the image files and details about what you would like to see. Be sure to label each image using this format “123 Main Street - Primary Bedroom” if there is more than one image of a room, be sure to include that at the endo of the image name like “123 Main Street - Primary Bedroom 1”. Use this format to title when you write out what you would like to see in each room or image.

I like to include a link to the virtual tour so that they have an idea of the layout along with a brief description of the ideal type of buyer, the style you would like to see, and any other details like inspo pictures or specific items you would like to see.

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