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Offer Procedure:

  1. When one of our buyers is ready to put in an offer on a property we will prepare an Agreement of Purchase and Sale and a Confirmation of Co-Operation and Representation. Both of these documents are in Webforms (see How to use Webforms for instructions). 

  2. Nick will provide you with all of the information that you need to complete the document. Once you’re finished filling out both documents, send to Nick for approval. Once he’s happy with it, he will most likely ask you to set up esignatures (always double check first though!)  

  3. Once the documents are signed, send Nick a PDF copy of them and he will take it from there!

Conditional Procedure:

  1. Once an offer is accepted by the seller, the property is conditionally sold. During the conditional period is when we complete the conditions included in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (inspection, financing etc.) before the due date. Buyer’s usually arrange the inspection themselves, all we have to do is book the appointment with the sellers office (exactly like booking an appointment). Most conditions are up to the Buyer to complete with help from us if needed. 

  2. Create a transaction in Faltour with the accepted agreement and any other documents it asks for

  3. Once the conditions are completed, we need to fill out a Notice of Fulfillment of Conditions form, which is also done via Webforms. Send to Nick for approval, once approved set it up for esignatures (with Nick’s instruction). 

Sold Procedure:

  1. Once all the NOF’s/Waivers are back from the sellers and completely signed, upload into Faltour and mark as Sold!

  2. Post onto Facebook congratulating our client

  3. Upload the final documents into Drive under the corresponding clients folder and print out a copy for the filing cabinet. 

  4. Prepare closing gift for Nick to bring them after they’ve moved in!

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