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This section explains how to create and communicate a weekly client report for our Buyer and Seller Clients

A new tab has been added to the Seller intake form to record weekly updates.


Key Points

  • Data is saved in a table in a client’s intake form. If the process is changed, the template intake form should be updated.

  • Buyer clients are updated based upon their current Buyer Search Parameters.

  • Sellers are updated based upon a portal search that we set up for them when we take on their listing.

  • Buyer clients are recorded on form 051 (Buyer Intake Form)

  • Seller clients are recorded on form 050 (Listing Intake Form)

Sellers - What Numbers to Record

  • ShowingTime

    • # of showings in the past week

    • Comments on showings

  • MLS (How do we find these numbers?)

    • # of new properties that came to market since last update

    • # of properties currently conditionally sold

    • # of properties sold firm since last update

    • # of properties listed total

    • # of client portals it is active within

    • # of client views

    • # of client favourites or possibilities

    • # of views in the past 14 days

  • iGuide (Where do we find these numbers?)

    • # of visits total

    • # of visits in past 7 days

  • Statistics

    • Days active

    • Views on

    • Photos Viewed

    • How many people have favourited the property on

  • Social Channels

    • Views on promoted Facebook Ad

    • Views on promoted YouTube Ad

    • Views on promoted Instagram Ad

Buyers - What Numbers to Record

  • MLS

    • # of active properties on their search

    • # of new listings since the last search

    • # of listings conditionally sold

    • # of listings sold firm

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