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These are all the steps in listing a property.

Who is this for?

This section is for the lead and admin, and all collaborators who might need to understand the details of the process, such as a designer who needs to know what our feature sheets should look like.


Listing a property has a few different phases in its life cycle between the client deciding to list, and the property being sold. All of the steps should be included as checklists in the relevant Trello board.

A master list of all the team’s steps in listing a home is in our Drive. Changes to our procedures should be made on that template and updated here and on other checklists such as our Seller Trello Board.

  • Lead

  • Listing Presentation

  • Preparation

  • Launch and Active MLS Listing

  • Conditionally Sold

  • Sold Firm and Pending

  • Closing

  • Post Close

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