Depositing a Cheque with Another Brokerage {{ currentPage ? currentPage.title : "" }}

Anytime a buyer buys a home, we have to get a deposit cheque from them and send it to the Listing Realtor's brokerage for deposit in their trust account.

  1. Go to the front desk and they will have the cheque.

  2. If you are not already set up to scan directly to your email, you can ask the lovely ladies at the front desk and they will talk you through it!

  3. Make a photo copy of the cheque and scan it to your email (you can only scan from the colour photo copier)

  4. Find the contact information for the Listing Agent you are sending the cheque to. You may have to go back in Nick’s emails to find this information. You will be couriering over the cheque.

  5. Once you have this information, you can give it to the front desk along with the original cheque and they will send it on its way!

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