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How to add a new listing on the updated


To have a consistent method for adding new listings on our website as part of our launch procedures. This ensures:

  • Less wasted time

  • Consistent appearance


  1. Gather the information that you need:

    1. Intake Form (in client-facing file)

    2. MPAC Level 2 Report (In client-facing file)

    3. Pre-list inspection (In client-facing file)

    4. HoodQ Report (In client-facing file)

    5. Floor Plans (In with MLS Photos)

    6. Status Certificate (if it is a condo, stored in its own drive within listing file)

    7. Still Photos (Should be in their own folder in drive for listing)

    8. Video (on YouTube)

    9. Open Walkscore website and look up property

    10. Look up the four digit map code and neighbourhood name on the OREB Map Code site

    11. URL for the 3D Tour

  2. Write a property description (Create a separate tab/sheet in intake form)

  3. Open the admin side of

  4. Add photos for the listing under the media tab within their own folder

    1. Create the folder under listing still photos titled as the property name

    2. Click “Add New” and drag and drop photos into folder. Best to drag and drop from Google Drive desktop

  5. Open Listings

  6. Go to Test Listing and Duplicate

  7. Edit within Wordpress

    1. Change the title to address. Use full names, ie; 114 Lees Avenue, not 114 Lees or 114 Lees Ave.

    2. Fill in the listing details chart

      1. Price - use comma(s), but no dollar signs - ie; 360,000

      2. Bedrooms - Use number, not text (4, not four). 2+1 means two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs

      3. Bathrooms - Use full numbers or .5 notations for half baths. Two full baths plus a powder room is 2.5 baths, for example.

      4. Open Houses - Write the date and time if one is scheduled

      5. Condo Fees - Write amount/frequency. ie; $532/month

      6. Schools - Write the number of schools in the HOODQ report that it is assigned to. For example 5

      7. Parking - Number and type of spots. ie; 1 garage + 2 driveway

      8. Property taxes - Show amount/year, ie; $3546/2023

      9. Transit Score - Show score out of 100, ie; 56/100

      10. Bike Score - Show score out of 100, ie; 56/100

      11. Main Bus Routes - Don’t input

      12. Uber Rating - Don’t input

      13. Walk Score - Show score out of 100, ie; 56/100

      14. Sq Feet - Put in number only, based upon total from MPAC level 2 report

      15. Monthly Utilities - Fill in total amount from client’s intake form

      16. Is this listing sold? - Enter no for now

      17. Neighbourhood - Fill in the neighbourhood from the OREB Map Code Site

      18. Days on Market Image - Leave blank for now

      19. Offers presented image - Leave blank for now

      20. Social Impressions Image - Leave blank for now

      21. Repairs Including Details - Leave blank for now

      22. Repairs Including Image - Leave blank for now

      23. Excerpt 2 - Leave blank for now

      24. Excerpt - Write a very brief summary/hook for the property, focusing on what it is and why the reader will love it. ie; This turn-key ready condo has commanding views of the Ottawa River

    3. Set the Featured Image - This should be the best shot of the house. It could even be an aerial view or the view from the balcony. Sell the home with one image.

    4. Click “Save Draft” on right hand side of page

  8. Edit with Elementor - IMPORTANT - Use Ctrl+Alt+V to paste, not just Ctrl+V.

    1. Add the YouTube Tour

      1. change the URL to the correct video from YouTube

      2. add an image from the media library as a thumbnail

    2. Add the 3D Tour

      1. Update the iFrame HTML code (left side of editor) to the URL for this property

    3. Add other videos if applicable

      1. Add a custom widget, either video on left or right.

        1. “Short on Time - Subtitle - “Get a high-speed 3D walkthrough tour here”

        2. Tour the Neighbourhood - Subtitle - “Sit back, relax and tour the neighbourhood with us. It’s a great way to discover a new place you’ll love to live.”

    4. Key Features - Use the title, summary and 3 column setup that exists. Each column is a different part of the home or area

    5. Gallery - Delete the default gallery photos and add in all of the listing photos from the correct photo in the media gallery

    6. Location - Add a map of the home and its location to the content. Pick a zoom level of 14 or 15

    7. Floor Plans - Link the button to the publicly shareable link of the floorplan within the listing file in Google Drive.

    8. Pre-Inspection - Link the button to the publicly shareable link of the inspection within the listing file in Google Drive.

    9. HoodQ Report - Link the button to the publicly shareable link of the HoodQ Report within the listing file in Google Drive.

    10. Condo Documents - Link the button to the publicly shareable link of the folder for the condo documents within the listing file in Google Drive. Delete this widget if it is not a condo

    11. Did you know - Gather this information from intake form

    12. Key systems and updates - Get this information from intake form. Write n/a or unknown for missing information.

      1. Add all updates and key systems in order from newest (top) to oldest (bottom)

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