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This page is the hub for all aspects of my website, currently hosted at http://www.nickfundytus.ca. Some things covered here:

  • Overview

  • Integration with re-targeting.

  • How to perform common tasks


Admins access the internal workings of the page via http://www.nickfundytus.ca/admin/.

From a User’s (Client’s) Perspective

From a client’s perspective, nickfundytus.ca is split into a few sections that can be accessed from the homepage. Regardless of any future redesigns, these are some functionality that will likely be worth keeping.

  • Home - (always accessible by clicking the Nick Fundytus logo in the top left). Includes:

    • Header links to various sections

    • Links to social media profiles

    • Cell # prominently featured

    • Slider linking to key sections.

    • Featured listings.

    • Brief “About” section linking to longer biography.

    • Featured testimonial snippet with link to testimonials page.

    • Contact form

    • Instagram slider

  • Listings - This section allows detailed access to current and past listings.

  • About - Currently provides a biography with a few posed photos of me (Oct 2019). Will be updated to include a video and other team members.

  • News - Blog with various updates on the market and events.

  • Resources - Static pages with evergreen resources for clients.

  • Testimonials - Video and written testimonials sourced from various places.

  • Contact - slides to contact form.

From an Admin’s Perspective

Each of the sections of the website serve a function, to help current and potential clients know, like and trust us. Helping the clients do this results in more leads converting to clients, and more clients entrusting us with referrals:

KNOW - Helps the client to know that I am highly competent.

LIKE - Helps the client to see that I am enjoyable to work with.

TRUST - Shows the client that I can be trusted.

Home Page

Professional appearance.

Friendly, bright and inviting, often featuring faces and people.

Easy to find contact information and links to social proof.


Updated often shows that I am active.

May feature community involvement.


Shows that I do sell homes and take care to give plenty of detail and professional attention.


Friendly and client-focused. No industry jargon.

Shows that I am “just like them.”


Shows that I am active and working.

May show community involvement. Uses tone that is approachable.

Shows that I have a stake in the communities that I serve.


Shows competency.

Resources are given freely.

Gives clients ideas about the road ahead and that I will have everything taken care of.



“People just like you” showing that they enjoyed working with me.

Strong social proof, especially videos or testimonials from social channels.

Slider for Carousel

The slider is created using an image in Design Wizard.

  • you have to create a custom size

  • the slider need to be cropped or stretched to fit 1920px X 700px

  • make sure to use the highest resolution image possible

  • after uploading, refresh the website home page and make sure that the slider fits correctly. Look at both the height and width to ensure there is no extra space.

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