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Explanation of our team’s Email Service Provider. This is software used to send mass emails and drip campaigns. It is not simply our personal @nickfundytus.ca Gmail.


Our team uses three systems for email service provision, depending upon the situation. I am actively looking to see how this can be improved and replaced.

  1. Follow Up Boss - Drip campaigns

  2. iXact Contact - Monthly Newsletters

  3. Bombbomb - Mass email to contest entrants and past entrants

How this system works

Our email service providers generally serve our marketing and conversion systems.

  1. Drip campaigns - Follow Up Boss responds to user enquiries with drip campaigns to inform them and keep them engaged.

  2. Monthly eNewsletter - We use iXact to send a monthly eNewsletter to our current and past clients each month to send useful information, client event invitations and to keep us top-of-mind

  3. Contest Emails - We have a separate email list for leads generated through our giveaway contests. We send this list via Bombbomb to generate more leads and keep us top-of-mind with these potential clients.

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