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An explanation of:

  • How often open houses are held

  • Where we post open houses

  • How open houses are advertised on Social Media

  • Preparation for an open house

When to post an Open House

Typically, we hold an Open House on the first weekend that a property is listed. This may be on Sunday afternoon, Saturday or Both. Open Houses are usually from 2-4 PM.

All advertising for the Open House is done in the calendar week ahead of the open house. Matrix and should be updated as early in the week as possible.

Where to post an Open House

Open Houses need to be posted in various places to ensure that there will be traffic:

  • On Matrix (Most Important)

  • On

  • On a sign topper affixed to the “For Sale” sign in front of the house

  • On social media

Advertising on Social Media

Open Houses will be advertised (a mix of free and paid) on various channels:

  • Facebook Business Page (Paid or Free)

  • Facebook Story

  • Instagram Post (May be Paid or Free)

  • Instagram Story

  • Twitter

  • Blog - On The blog should tell a story around the the property, one that is informative to potential clients on how the listing process works, or what’s unique about the area.

  • LinkedIn - an abbreviated version of the blog

  • Contest - Run via KingSumo - The contest is usually run as a paid Facebook Ad.

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