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Video Tutorial HERE

  • When Nick or Katye receive a Buyer lead, they are added to the Trello “Buyer Pipeline” under the “Leads” column (far left)

    • make sure that the card contains the Buyer’s name, basic contact info if its available, and how they got in touch with us (who referred, sign, Reddit…etc)

  • Once that lead becomes active, they are moved over to the “Active”

    • a set of checklists will immediately propagate on the card

  • Once we are actively working with a client, we create a Slack channel for them (VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE)

    • Select the + beside “Channels” on left hand side

    • to create a new client channel for a BUYER,

  • Create a Buyer Checklist from the Google Sheets Template 0051 - CHECKLIST - BUYER CLIENT TEMPLATE

    • Edit the title to this format “0051 First Last - CHECKLIST - BUYER”

    • If there is more than one person who will be on the paperwork, label as “0051 First Last + First Last - CHECKLIST - BUYER (Woman’s name goes first)

    • Add in any info that you already have to the checklist by looking at any old emails between Nick and client and info on Trello card

  • Create a Google Drive folder in the Fundytus Realty Folder

    • Label the folder “First Name Last Name” or “First Last + First Last”

    • Put the woman’s name first as they are usually the one replying and we are feminist like that

  • Create another folder within the one you just created named “First Last Client-Facing File”

  • Create another folder within the last one and label it “Upload a copy of your ID here for the FINTRAC requirement”

  • Go back to the Google Sheets checklist and link it to the Trello board

    • Go to the Trello card

    • On the right had side you will see a Google Drive option

    • Select that and choose the ENTIRE client file and it will automatically link to the Trello board

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