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The 3pm check in happens every afternoon Monday to Friday and our second checkpoint in the day.

You will need

  1. Your Phone

  2. Your calendar open and filled for the next day

  3. The Scorecard open on your computer

  4. A paper and pen for notes

How To

  • The administrative assistant initiates the call and calls Nick first at 3pm.

    • Greeting

    • Take Nick through the rest of your afternoon and the next day

    • Take Nick through the rest of his day and the next

  • After you go over the schedule with Nick, bring the Buyer Specialist(s) in to the call by adding in on your phone

    • Greeting / did the call successfully merge?

  • Scorecard

    • Take Nick and Buyer Specialist(s) through the scorecard and record their entries

      • You may need to look back in Nick’s Showingtime or the Invoices board on monday.com to fill in extra details, so have a pen and note pad handy

    • Ask Nick and Buyer Specialist(s): “Is there anything you need from me this afternoon?”

      • Take notes for reference and make necessary changes to day to accommodate added tasks

    • Ask Nick and Buyer Specialist(s) if they need anything from each other or if they have any updates

      • May need to take notes

  • Administrative Assistant gives any updates and assigns any tasks verbally and adds afterwards to monday.com if they are not already in the General To-Do board

  • Conclude the call and remind Nick and Buyer Specialist(s) of morning check in tomorrow at

  • If it is the day of or day before the Level 10 or Monthly Meeting, remind them both of the time

  • Continue your day!

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