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How to use Matrix effectively in a way that it becomes a marketing tool in addition to service.


Matrix serves our clients by giving them direct access to the MLS. Used effectively, it is also a marketing tool for our Buyers and Sellers that helps us create more closed sales while spending less time and money on marketing. This is accomplished by:

  • Demonstrating a clear plan for using Matrix

  • Showing clients the features that are available to them

  • Showing Matrix’ advantages over other MLS searches, such as IDX-powered websites, HomeSigma and

  • Keeping clients educated about the market around them when they’re selling or only looking casually.

  • Nurturing ongoing relationships through post-closing searches

  • Getting on the client’s wavelength through property comments on searches.

Tips for Working with Buyer Prospects and Clients

Here are some ideas for using Matrix effectively with Buyers. Feel free to add to this list.

  • Train your clients how to use Matrix. Do this at your first meeting. I find it’s best to set up a search based upon their intake form and then tweak it at the meeting.

    • Train them to email you directly with showing requests.

    • Show them how to make comments and encourage them to use this feature.

    • Explain that you don’t check comments every day, but from time to time to get a feel for what they like and don’t like.

    • Explain how Matrix parameters can be changed on the fly and reflect real-time information.

  • Describe how Matrix has advantages over other platforms:

    • IDX Powered websites (search on an agent’s site) and HouseSigma only have homes that are shared with the DDF (Data Distribution Facility) and can be incomplete.

    • IDX and don’t show sold prices

    • HouseSigma and requires sharing personal information with a corporation that puts you on their mailing lists

  • Offer to set up buyers of a “neigbourhood snoop” search once they close so that they always know what’s going on in the neighbourhood.

  • Make comments on the properties in their search. Send an email, “I had a look at a few places in your Matrix Search and want to see if I’m on your wavelength. Take a look at my comments and let me know.”

Tips for Working with Seller Clients

Here are some ideas for using Matrix effectively with Sellers. Feel free to add to this list.

  • Use Matrix Data for Annual Equity Updates.

  • Set up Sellers on a “competition alert” of homes in a similar consideration set with a notification of sold prices. This keeps them informed and realistic about other homes they are up against.

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