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Preview homes regularly to keep your market knowledge current.


Buyer Specialists are expected to do 2-3 blocks of home previewing each week. When done well, this improves the level of market knowledge and service we provide to our clients, and can serve as a lead generation pillar. The instructions are based upon the book Prospecting by Brian Icenhower (pp 208-225).


  1. Three blocks of previewing time should be time-blocked into your schedule each week. Set aside 2-3 hours for each block and plan to see 2-3 homes in each preview.

  2. For efficiency, preview homes that are geographically close to each other and ideally:

    1. Are in the same neighbourhood as one of our listings

    2. Are in the same area of one of your upcoming open houses

    3. Are in an area and are of a type that one of your active clients is considering

  3. Book as a preview using ShowingTime.

  4. When booking, note nearby Expired and FSBO properties.

  5. When previewing:

    1. Use the scripts and checklists in Prospecting.

    2. Door-knock expired and FSBO properties after previewing.

    3. Door-knock neighbours after previewing (“5x5,” or five homes on each side of the preview and perhaps five across the street).

    4. Use this as an opportunity for interactive content creation on social.

  6. After previewing:

    1. Enter any leads into Followup Boss and tag appropriately.

    2. Add leads into a 7x7 touch program

    3. If you have promised to set up any leads on a Matrix Alert, do so.

    4. If you have promised to share the sold prices of any homes with any leads, set a reminder to do so.

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