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Intended Result

Create a Lead Ad that delivers leads directly from Facebook to our FollowUp Boss CRM.

Here is a video of Nick taking us through setting up a new Facebook Lead Ad in Meta Business and FollowUp Boss.


Facebook Lead Ads are a great way of generating “sign calls” on new listings. These tend to be high-quality Buyer Leads, and sometimes Seller Leads.

You’ll also need to know how to use.

  • Meta (Facebook) Business Suite

  • FollowUp Boss

How to Set Up

Meta Ad Set Up

  1. Choose what listing will be promoted and locate the listing photos in Google Drive.

  2. Log In to Meta Business Manager

  3. Choose “Ads”, then “Create Ad”

  4. Choose “Get More Leads”

    1. Click - Where do you want to collect contact info? - On Facebook

  5. Create New Form

    1. Title “PROPERTYADDRESS Lead Form created on . . .”

    2. Headline is “PROPERTYADDRESS”

    3. Description is “Get the full details”

    4. In Customer Info, check “Full Name, Phone Number, Email”

    5. Short Answer Question “What would you like to know about this property?”

    6. Click “Next” to move on

  6. Ad Creative\

    1. Add a BRIEF decription of the property that tells WHERE and WHAT. Eg, “Not on the MLS. Orleans end-unit, 3-bed, 2.5-bath townhome with upper-level laundry. Brasseur Crescent.”

    2. Add media - Select up to five images that show off the best features of the home, including at least one exterior shot.

    3. Headline - “PROPERTY ADDRESS”

    4. Button Label - “Learn More”

    5. Special Ad Category - Yes, Housing. If this is not checked the ad will be rejected.

    6. Who should see your ad - People in your audience

    7. Schedule and duration - Generally speaking

      1. For exclusives - from today until the MLS list date

      2. For MLS listings - ongoing, remove once sold firm

    8. Budget - Generally $10/day. Check with Nick if unsure

    9. Placements - Facebook, Messenger, Instagram

    10. Meta Pixel - ID: 2180453968946383

    11. Payment Method - Choose Payment Method. Generally our Corporate Visa card

    12. Click “Promote Now”

Followup Boss Lead Capture and Conversion

  1. Log in to Followup Boss and go to Admin Tab

  2. Create a new email template. This will be one of the first things that is sent out to the lead.

    1. Click email templates

    2. Go to Email Templates > Facebook Lead Ads for Listings and create a new email

    3. Use past examples as a guide

  3. Create an action plan. This will tell the agent how to follow up with the client and will automate some steps when activated.

    1. Click on Action Plans

    2. Go to Action Plans > Listing Facebook Ads Action Plans

    3. Create a new action plan and call it “PROPERTY ADDRESS Sign Call Action Plan”

      1. Add initial text message (delay 3 mins) - Hi %contact_first_name%, it’s %agent_name% from the Nick Fundytus Team. I just sent over the 🏡 listing information that you requested to your email at %contact_email%. If you don’t see it in a minute or two just check the spam folder and let me know if it’s not there.

        Would you like to book a showing? You can reach me here or at %agent_email%

        - %agent_first_name%

      2. Add Tags - “PROPERTY ADDRESS Lead” and “Nick’s Permanent Database”

      3. Send email from template created above

      4. Call to follow up

      5. Text to follow up

      6. Call to follow up

  4. Create an automation - This kicks off the action plan when the new lead comes in

  5. Click on Rules for Facebook - This routes the lead to the correct agent.

    1. Add another rule

    2. Condition - Leads who meet ALL of these Conditions

      1. Tags include any of (paste full name of Facebook form name from earlier here)

    3. Distribution - Karim Ali

    4. Action Plan - “PROPERTY ADDRESS Action Plan”

    5. Remember to Save and check that the rule has saved.

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