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Here’s what a typical day for our team videographer might look like. Update this description as responsibilities change.

The typical work day for this position is 8 hours of billed work each Wednesday.

Arrival and Prioritization

  1. Arrive at 165 Pretoria for 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise arranged. If parking in the paid lot, pay for the full day’s parking ($11.00) and add to the invoice for the day.

  2. 9:00 am Google Video Call with team (link will be in your calendar). We briefly discuss the team’s schedule and any last-minute needs that have come up.

  3. Check Google Calendar for any team meetings/shoots that you may need to be a part of for the day.

  4. Check our team’s slack for any channels that you may have been tagged in with requests.

  5. Check your “to-do” board for any items that you may have.

  6. Check the team’s “video requests” board for any items to create and tackle those by urgency and importance.

Main Part of the Day

  1. Content planning, creation and publishing


  1. As needed or preferred, with the only requirements being:

    1. That the billed work hours for the day only include hours worked (not breaks or lunches).

    2. If leaving the office for lunch or an extended lunch, please let the team know when you’ll be back.

Afternoon and Closing

  1. 3:00 pm - Team check-in Google Video Meet or Call. Link will be in your calendar

  2. In slack, send a short @ to Nick of the main things that you worked on for the day as a summary. As we get in a rhythm of this new position, we’ll eventually phase this out.

  3. Before leaving, update your “To-do” list on

  4. Before leaving, update the “video requests” board for any items worked on.

  5. Before leaving, put away any team equipment that is out, and charge any items that need charging.

Types of Videos/Shoots

The following is a non-exhaustive list of types of videos that you might be making with the team. Where appropriate, please create a separate wiki entry for the main steps to create and publish them to leave a useful record for future team members if your role changes or you leave the team.

  • Client Testimonials

  • Client Photoshoots

  • Podcasts (Realtor In Your Pocket)

  • Neighbourhood Profile Videos and Photo

  • Behind-the-scenes

  • Coffee With Karim Shorts

  • Monthly Market Updates

  • Micro Market Updates

  • Neighbourhood Business Profiles

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