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Impress the client with a smooth listing experience.


The Listing Manager is responsible for having all listing materials (Listing to Contract) in anticipation of the needs of the team and the client.

List of Materials

May include but are not limited to:


What is it


Pre-listing Presentation

Electronic presentation showing off the team and our process

As soon as the listing presentation is set.

Property Drive Folder and Intake Forms

Google Drive folders named for the property and clients.

Intake form 0050 (Seller Intake) is shared with the client.

As soon as the lead agrees to meet for a listing presentation.

Listing Agreement

Created in webforms and uploaded to the property’s slack channel for review. File correctly in NexOne once signed.

One day before the listing presentation.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Created in Beacon.by and shared with the client once complete.

At least one day before the listing appointment.

Pull Online Property Profile and Research Old MLS Listings

Find past listings in the MLS, Download Geowarehouse records, permits if available. Upload copies to the client’s Drive File.

As soon as the client agrees to a listing meeting.

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