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This phase starts once the Seller agrees to list with us, and ends once the MLS listing begins.


1) If the listing agreement is not yet signed:

  • Lead notifies Sellers that we are preparing the listing paperwork. Asks if they have any questions.

  • Admin - calls clients to gather any missing information on the property or on the Sellers themselves:

    • FINTRAC info for Sellers (copy of ID and Job Title/Employer)

    • Their full contact info, including on email address for each Seller who will be signing.

    • Property Tax amount

    • Utilities amounts

  • Admin prepares the listing for signatures. Key things to remember:

    • Four forms are needed in total:

      • 1) Working with a Realtor

      • 2) Listing Agreement

      • 3) Schedule A to the Listing Agreement (Data Sheet)

      • 4) FINTRAC Individual Identification Records (one for each Seller named on the ownership)

      • (Video tutorial on how to find these documents)

    • Commission - 5% total, or “4.5% if Listing agent represents buyer, not in multiple offers.”

    • Listing Period = 6 months - 1 day

    • Schedule A - Include:

      • Legal Description

      • PIN #

      • Roll # (ARN# 15 digits)

      • All these can be found on Geowarehouse

    • FINTRAC for Sellers - Must include as much detail as possible, including Job Title and Employer’s Name. If a Seller is retired, say what company they retired from and what their job was.

    • Working with a Realtor - Don’t forget this.

  • Admin uploads the listing agreement forms to Faltour for electronic signatures.

  • Lead notifies Sellers once forms are all successfully uploaded.

  • Admin changes listing from “kit” to “exclusive” or “active” once the property is listed.

2) Once the listing agreement is signed:

  • Lead or Admin arranges pick-up or drop-off of extra keys for lockbox and hangs iBox

    • Check with owner (or condo if it is a condo) as to where the iBox can be hung

  • Lead or Admin introduces stagers via email and Sellers coordinate when they will meet with stagers.

  • Admin arranges for Photos and iGuide tour with photographer.

    • We typically shoot photo with iGuide floor plan and video.

    • Let Sellers know when to expect photographer and what the procedures will be:

      • Sellers can choose to be home or not

      • This is the cleanest the house should be, since this attracts buyers to see the home in person

      • Lights should all be on

      • Blinds and curtains should be open

      • Cars should be out of driveway

      • We don’t photograph unfinished storage areas or garages, these can be messy and the Seller doesn’t need to worry about them.

  • Admin orders a sign to go up in front of the house (may not apply to condos) for the listing start date.

  • Admin pre-loads data into Matrix if it is an MLS listing.

  • Admin creates feature sheets.

  • Admin writes first draft of blog post for the listing.

    • Property photo as header

  • Admin creates ads for the life cycle of the listing and puts them in the listing folder in drive.

  • Admin checks with Nick to make sure that he is happy with all copy and creative (Matrix, feature sheet, ads)

  • Admin checks with Seller to make sure feature sheet is accurate and Seller is happy with it.

  • Admin invites Seller to follow us on Social media so that they can share ads for the listing

    • FB page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

  • Admin verifies with Seller what will be the best day(s) for the first open house.

  • Admin prints colour feature sheets for in-house, and black-and white for sign holder.

3) If it starts as an exclusive listing (non-MLS):

Go to the instructions on exclusive listings.

3b) If it starts as a “regular” (MLS) listing:

Go to the instructions on MLS listings.

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