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(Image 26)

What is Prezi?

Prezi is a presentation generator used to make slideshows. We use this program to provide our clients with presentations for buying, selling and other processes for buying a house. We also use this program to put together a slideshow for monthly MLS stats for our website. 

How to use Prezi for monthly market stats

  1. To access Prezi, a bookmark has been created (see image 26)

  2. Image 26 will also show previous market stat presentations, you can make a copy of one of them and simply plug in the new information. As per above, market update stat charts can be found in the Agent Resources section. Hover over the copied chart, click “edit” and update the slideshow

  3. If you’d like to make a brand new Prezi, click on “New Presentation” follow instructions to create a new presentation

  4. Once you’re finished with your presentation, click on present and from here you can share, download, present etc. (see image 27)

(Image 27)

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