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Now you can build, edit, and share wikis from anywhere.

For Teams

Snappy, crisp wikis for nimble teams.
  No enterprise bulk + an editor with
serious horsepower.
Team Demo

For Teachers

Organize, save, and share
your lessons / notes / curriculum.
  Easy to use, no IT wizardry required.
Teacher Demo

For Entrepreneurs

Goodbye crowded workspaces.
  Fast, powerful, and intuitive for both
technical and non-technical founders.
Entrepreneur Demo

For Travelers

No more email digging and
last-second searching.  All the info,
in one place, before you leave.
Traveler Demo

For Experts

Structure your expertise, and
reference or share it in a snap.
  Organization + collaboration.
Expert Demo
Teams Teachers Entrepreneurs Travelers Experts


You’re getting by, but there’s a better option.
Here's how Wikiful can fix your problem.

My team's using an annoying tool.

My team doesn't like the wiki / documentation platform we currently use.  It's clunky, slow, and painful.

Wikiful ditched the dead weight that makes using
enterprise wikis a chore.  No more crowded workspace. 
Edit-in-place without a reload.  Runs 10x faster than
That Ubiquitous Enterprise Wiki Product.

Every time I need to repeat something that I've already done, I have to reinvent the wheel.

Wikiful makes it easy to create documentation for your work and your life.  That way you never have to waste mental energy figuring out what you've already figured out — whether that's setting up AWS, cooking a recipe, or
teaching a new semester.

I’m wasting and repeating efforts.

Sharing is hard.

When people ask me to share things, it's tough to get it to them.  And to keep track of who sees what.

Share with a click, and loop in collaborators seamlessly.  Wikiful makes it easy to grant as much — or as little — access to your wiki as you want.  Keeping track of who can view and collaborate on your content is a breeze.

How Much:

Grab a plan that fits your needs.  Switch anytime.

Free Plan

1 wiki
Unlimited pages
Up to 5 collaborators
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Advanced Plan

One month free trial
Unlimited wikis & pages
Up to 10 collaborators
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Business Plan

/month for 10 users
+$5 per additional user
One month free trial
Unlimited wikis & pages
Grows with your team
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Why do I need a wiki?

For info that you need to access often, keep up-to-date, share, or collaborate on, a wiki performs better than alternative tools.  Wikis are a great solution when people get frustrated that notes are too scattered, documents lack organization, and digging through emails is a pain.

Check out our demos for examples of how wikis are great for retaining institutional knowledge, tracking personal information, organizing creative projects, and beyond.

Will my wikis be secure and private?

Yes and yes — you have complete control over who can view and collaborate on your wikis.

Got a recipe wiki that you want to share widely?  Make it public for anyone to view. 
Created a wiki for an upcoming trip?  Only grant access to the folks traveling with you. 
Outlining your plans for the Great American Novel?  Keep the wiki private and for-your-eyes-only. 
You can make each wiki as public or as private as you want.

Can I change plans later?

Yes.  You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.

What happens to my content if I cancel my account?

We hope that you'll love Wikiful and will want to keep your wikis alive and thriving. 
But if you decide to close your account, you can use the "Export Wiki" feature to save a copy
of your wiki's content to your computer.

Still have questions?

Please contact customer service at