your own personal wiki

Life doesn’t have to be complicated.  With Wikiful, your information is easy to navigate, quick to update, and always at your fingertips.

What can Wikiful do for you?

Wikiful allows you to build your own wiki and organize what matters to you, easily and intuitively.  Now you can access and navigate your info quickly, wherever you are.


Genealogy, family stories, your kids' milestones — no longer buried in a scrapbook.


Plan group trips, share stories and photos, build a game plan for the next festival.


Product features, client profiles, workflows, best practices — all with seamless collaboration.


Find and share your recipes in a snap.  Add notes, photos, and send to friends instantly.


Build shareable and editable curricula, projects, student resources, and lesson plans.


Easily access your health history, medications, allergies, results, and ID numbers.


Build, share, and update info on your field of study, your passion, or your obsession.


A novel, a thesis, a D&D campaign — keep track of what you're working on with a wiki.


Help guests and Airbnb-ers stay informed — directions, parking, entry code, local color.

How it works.

Create a New Page

Starting your wiki is a snap!
First step: add pages to your wiki.

Add photos and text to your wiki

Now you can flesh out these pages with text, photos, maps — you name it!

Wiki pages for Julie's Awesome Cecipe wiki

As your wiki grows, organize your pages so information is easy to find.

Easily search your wiki

Search will also help you find what you're looking for.

Private wiki

Keep your wiki private if the information is for your eyes only.

Share your wiki

Or make your wiki public, and share your information at the click of a button.

Wiki dashboard with multiple wikis

You can build separate public and private wikis, and share one without sharing the others.

Enjoy your wiki!

Most importantly, enjoy your wiki!