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Weekly video content to build familiarity and generate leads.

What you need to create

  • Laptop

  • Video Editing Software (iMovie)

  • Gimbal Stabilizer

  • Mics

  • Hard Hat

How to Create

Research and Scripting

  1. In the Google Shared Drive create a new script by right-clicking in the “New Drive Experience (Draft")” Folder and choosing the “2022 New Build Experience” Script Template.

  2. Contact the builder of choice and:

    1. Get permission to film

    2. Block in filming time in the calendar and make sure tools are available (Gimbal, etc)

    3. Find out

      1. Builder

      2. Model Name

      3. Development

      4. Area of town

      5. Bedrooms

      6. Bathrooms

      7. Upgrades

  3. Write the script


  1. Load camera in Gimbal and set to vertical

  2. Set up Mic

  3. Follow the steps in the script

  4. Check that sound came through correctly

  5. Upload to the same folder as the script


  1. Load the video into iMovie

  2. Add lower third throughout video with Laura’s name and title

  3. Add features overlaid on Movie (where possible, use team font and colour)

  4. Add bumper video to end


  1. YouTube shorts and Tag

  2. TikTok

  3. Meta Stories

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