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The Videographer supports our marketing and customer service through content creation. By taking this role “in-house” it allows us to produce a greater volume of video at a higher quality. In 2022 this role is not meant to replace our listing photographer or videographer, though this may eventually be the case as the team and the role grows.

Key Responsibilities

  • Shoot and edit content for our social channels and website. Examples of our current work on our YouTube Channel.

  • Edit content shot by our team members for a more professional, on-brand look.

  • Work creatively within our team’s brand guidelines.

  • Shoot client testimonial videos and still photography.

  • Work on-site at the office, at listings and with clients as needed.

  • Brainstorm content ideas with the team.

  • Assist our listings photographers and videographers as may be required as a

“second shooter.”

  • Assist Nick and the team in scripting videos for neighbourhood profiles and listings.

  • Shoot neighbourhood photos and b-roll video for neighbourhood profiles.

  • Share knowledge with Nick and the team to improve the quality of our agent-generated content

Equipment Needed (Owned by Videographer)

  • DSLR Camera

  • Laptop and editing software

Equipment Provided by Team


See the schedule for this position.

Other Notes

  • This is a new position for our team. We’re open to learning how we can use your time and skills most effectively, so feel free to share.

  • We don’t expect you to work for free or to be available freely outside of your scheduled hours. If at any point you feel like your time isn’t being respected, please speak with Nick.

  • There may come a point where you are doing work for other agents in the same office. Please be polite but firm with them if they are looking to communicate with you during our time working together.

  • If we need any additional equipment or repairs/replacement of existing equipment, let Nick know.

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