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Description and Responsibilities of the Paper Agent role on the Nick Fundytus Team. The term “Paper Agent” comes from the idea that the role is mostly for show and that the agent is one “on paper” for the team and has different benefits and responsibilities from other licensed REALTORS® on the team. This role is aimed towards:

  • An agent who is retiring or transitioning out of the business

  • An agent on the team who is stepping back from responsibilities for a period of time, such as parental leave or exploring another career.

The team will take over regular marketing to the PA’s database. In this arrangement:

  • The PA minimizes expenses while phasing out of Real Estate or stepping away, while still getting an income

  • Their database is nurtured and continues to receive a high level of service.

  • The team grows the overall database of people to contact and market to, which increases potential income for all members of the team, including the PA.


By the start of this role, the Paper Agent must:

  • Provide a full record of their database, including sphere of influence, past and current clients to the team to be uploaded into the team’s CRM. All of the PA’s permanent database will be marked as such and will be returned to the PA if they should leave the team and continue practicing Real Estate sales.

  • Set up forwarding of their existing email address to an @nickfundytus.ca address with a signature identifying them as a member of the Nick Fundytus Team. All work email will be conducted through the @nickfundytus.ca address.

  • Set up a team phone number through our CRM and run the team CRM (currently Follow Up Boss) app on their phone. All work calls and texts should be moved to this number and should be the one used in their email signature and social media.

  • Complete training for our team’s CRM.

  • Update social media that they may be using for Real Estate to link to our site and identify themselves as a member of the Nick Fundytus Team.

  • Prepare a letter and record a video for their database introducing their move, the team and what to expect going forward.

  • Be set up on our team’s communication apps, such as Slack and Monday.com

Job Duties and Responsibilities

For all files (clients) that the PA is working with directly, their expectations for service are the same as for any other member of the sales team.

  • Attend team client events - As many as possible

  • Attend the yearly awards gala with the team

  • Attend at least one Level 10 meeting monthly - recommended

  • Attend weekly sales huddles - optional

  • The PA will not be called for daily 9:00 am or 3:00 pm calls by the Administrative Assistant

  • The PA will not be required to actively prospect or contact their database, though they may do so if they wish.

  • The PA will not be required to host open houses for team listings, though they are welcome to for any listings and highly encouraged to for those that they are involved in the listing.


The PA’s benefits and responsibilities will differ from other Realtors on the team, and so will their compensation. This is outlined in the PA Splits Chart.

  • The PA will receive a referral on any team closing that originates from their database. Any leads that are generated by the PA that are not already in their database are added to the database and treated as a PA database lead.

  • The PA will have first pick of any leads from their database, or that are referred directly from their database.

  • The Lead will guarantee certain costs of the PA until they have made at least double that amount in direct or referral GCI. These will be outlined in detail in the PA’s contract and might be for a limited time (for example, a set number of years). For example, if the PA’s covered expenses were $6000/year:

    • The Lead would cover 100% up to $6000 and the PA would keep the first $6000 of GCI.

    • Between $6,000 and $12,000 GCI, The PA would keep the first $6000 of GCI and the Lead would cover any portion of the expenses not covered by the remaining GCI. For example, if the PA closed $8,000 in GCI, the PA would net $6,000, use $2,000 to cover expenses and the Lead would cover the remaining $4,000 in GCI.

    • At $12,000 GCI and above, the PA will cover their own expenses.

  • The Lead will receive at least 25% on any closing generated from the PA’s database, regardless of whether the closing is done by the PA or another member of the team.

  • All closings done by the PA that do not originate with the PA’s database will be compensated as a Buyer Specialist and use their current Splits Chart.

Disadvantages of the Paper Agent

The PA maintains a great deal more autonomy and fewer responsibilities than other Realtors on the team, but there is a cost to that. For example:

  • Team generated-leads are offered first to other Realtors on the team, such as Buyer or Listing Specialists

  • The PA does not have the final say in who their referrals are sent to. This is done by the team Lead.

  • The PA does not have the final say in the marketing that is sent to their database. This falls to the team Lead.

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