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RLP Network/Smart Studio

(Image 14)

We typically only use the RLP Network/Smart Studio to do up Feature Sheets for our listings. 

  1. Click on the Marketing tab and then the “Smart Studio” tab. 

  2. On the next page click on “Launch Smart Studio” 

  3. On the next page click onto “Design Gallery” on the left side of the page. This will take you to the page where you can design feature sheets, postcards, brochures etc. However, we only use this for Feature Sheets (unless otherwise instructed)

  4. On the left hand side, click on “Design Types” and then “Feature Sheets.” This will take you to all the different types of feature sheet designs available. For ours, we’ll use the single agent 2 sided feature sheet design (image 15). 

(Image 15)

  1. Once this is selected, it will take you to the page where you can choose the listing you want to create a feature sheet for. If the property is already active on MLS you will see it on this page. This allows most of the work to be done for you as it pulls photos and data from the MLS page and auto fills (you will still need to make adjustments). If the property is not yet on MLS, click on the “Skip listing selection” button on the top right.

  2. Next is the data entry page. Here is where you plug in the information and photos for your feature sheet. Be sure you complete sides 1 and 2. See image 16 for a sample feature sheet

(Image 16)

  1. Once all the data and photos are inputted click on Save and then Next, this will take you to the distribution page. From here you can download the PDF version and then send it off to Nick for approval. Once it’s approved, print out a few copies in colour and either you or Nick will bring them to the house. 

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