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Ideas for turning people into leads.


Give in slices, receive in loaves. Reap what you sow. All lead, generation for our team should come from a place of giving. We can give our time, expertise and experience freely. If we do this genuinely, and enough, the people that we give to will become leads or give us leads in the form of referrals.

Lead Generation of Have-not-met People

  • Hosting a community event, such as an ice-cream giveaway or happy hour

  • Hosting a learning event, such as a First-Time Homebuyer Seminar

  • Deploying lead magnets for interested homebuyers and sellers

  • Deploying a book for research-stage homebuyers

Lead Generation for Met People

  • Asking for Referrals

  • Creating a CMA for their home

  • Interacting at a Client Event

  • Answering their questions about Real Estate

  • Becoming a central hub for referrals to contractors and vendors

  • Hosting an event on how to purchase an investment property

  • Sponsoring their sports team or charity event

  • Contacting your “Top 30”


Level of Impact




Have a reason to call. It’s best if you can call from a position of service or gratitude. Focus on your best connections and work outward.



Multiply the impact of your calls by following up with a handwritten thank-you note.



Pop by with a small, non-perishable gift. If it can be thoughtful and appropriate, all the better.

Act of Service


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