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Standardize the process for creating, publishing and promoting an episode of a podcast.


Nick and Stephanie are responsible for creating our podcast REALTOR in Your Pocket and publishing episodes monthly. These must be planned well in advance, recorded, edited, published and finally promoted to grow our audience and credibility with potential clients.



Nick is responsible for planning and episodes. Recording should be complete at least two weeks in advance of the publishing date.

  1. Select a topic for recording and add it to the to-do list and monthly video shoot lists in Monday.com

  2. Draft the script using the Podcast Episode template in Drive in the Elephant Shoe Shared Drive>Current Scripts. Do not edit the template directly. Rather, right click and create a new doc using the template, then rename appropriately.

  3. Contact the episode guest via email and schedule a ninety minute block for recording. Remind the guest that this is a video and audio podcast.

  4. Once a time is agreed upon, send the guest a calendar invitation with a zoom link.

  5. Share the completed podcast episode draft from Step 2 to the guest for them to edit.

  6. At least two days before recording, check to make sure that the guest has updated their answers on the template.


Nick is responsible for recording episodes. Episodes should be recorded LOCALLY (not in the cloud) because this will record both host and guest video.

  1. Check that mic and camera are working well before recording.

  2. Light the recording room adequately for good video

  3. Log in to Zoom at least ten minutes before the guest is set to arrive and check 1 and 2

  4. When the guest arrives

    1. Walk them through what will happen (once we start recording, the host will be in “host mode” and will try to keep the conversation going smoothly. I’ll start by introducing you, and then begin with the episode questions, and then finish with some “get to know you” questions.)

    2. Start recording (remember: record LOCALLY, not in the cloud)

    3. “Wrap up the episode” at the end of the episode comments, but mention that there will be personal questions after the break.

    4. Finish with personal questions and a thank-you

  5. Guest logs off

  6. Finish recording. Recording will start compiling. DO NOT SHUT OFF PC during this time.

  7. Rename and upload the recording to Shared Drive with Elephant Shoe immediately once compiled.


Nick and Elephant Shoe are responsible for editing each episode.

  1. Nick - Listen to the raw recording and mark timestamps on the script for the cold open, interview, and personal questions.

  2. Nick - Notify Elephant Shoe that the episode is ready for editing

  3. Elephant Shoe - Edit episode according to our template, and upload completed episode to shared Drive.

  4. Nick - Notify Stephanie for publishing when episode is uploaded and add a task to her Monday.com to do board.


Stephanie is responsible for publishing episodes (or setting them to delayed publishing) within one day of Nick notifying her.

  1. Locate the episode in the shared Drive and make sure that there are no mistakes or further edits needed that Nick has missed. If there are, bring them to Nick’s attention on Monday.com, and if not, proceed.

  2. Select tags for the episode to use when publishing across platforms and run these by Nick.

  3. Select some “sound bites” from the video to use as stories or posts. Run these by Nick before publishing.

  4. Transcribe the episode in Happy Scribe (needs separate instructions, link here).

  5. Create an audio-only version and publish to Simplecast.

  6. Upload a transcribed video to YouTube (needs separate instructions, link here)

  7. Upload a transcribed video to Facebook (needs separate instructions, link here)

  8. Upload a transcribed video to Instagram (needs separate instructions, link here)

  9. Post on Twitter (use link to YouTube)

  10. Post clips to our stories on Facebook and IG. Add link via buttons

  11. Feature YouTube video and link to Simplecast on our https://shor.by/NickFundytus


Stephanie is responsible for promotion of each episode within one day of launch.

  1. Confirm with Nick where and how the episode will be promoted

  2. YouTube

  3. Facebook

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