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Standard Wording and Explanations for our Follow-up Boss Sources, Tags and Stages, so that the team is using the same vocabulary.


These are our lead sources along with a short description.

Source Name



A lead that is referred by a past client or sphere of influence


A lead that is someone we know, not necessarily through Real Estate. Friends and Family

A lead that is directed to our team via an inquiry at, usually on one of our listings


A lead that comes in through the RLP brokerage system’s integration with KVCore


A lead that has self-selected us via Reddit

Our Site

A lead that has filled in an enquiry at


These are transaction stages. Note that there is no separation between Buyer and Seller Stages, since FUB shares clients across agents on the team.

Stage Name



Any person that has expressed interest, before it has been categorized. We have not yet talked to them personally, and need to do so ASAP.

A- Hot Lead

A lead looking to buy or sell in 0-3 months

B - Warm Lead

A lead looking to buy or sell in 3-6 months

C - Cold Lead

A lead looking to buy or sell in 6+ Months

ISA Hot (Agent change to Hot/Warm/Cold)

Not currently used. Meant to be used with an inside sales agent, which will be a future position.

Active/Shopping Client

Actively looking or listing

Closed/Past Client

Has closed with us in the past

Pending/In Contract Client

A client who has secured a firm purchase or firm offer on their home.

Ottawa Realtor

A FUB contact who is a realtor in our market. Generally not marketed to.

Other-Market Realtor

A FUB contact who is a realtor in another market. May market with reminders to refer.


Leads that we have tried to contact 10x unsuccessfully


Category created by FUB, usually when a spouse is merged with a primary contact.


These are the tags that we assign to people to personalize them further.

Tag Name


A+ List

Clients that have bought or sold with us MULTIPLE TIMES, or referred us MULTIPLE TIMES, or a combination (1 sale plus one referral). These clients are gold and we must treat them like gold.

A List

Clients that have bought or sold with us ONCE, or referred us ONCE

B List

Clients that are actively working with us for the first time. People that would refer us if they were asked and shown how to.

SELLER - 1. Lead

Leads who are Sellers

SELLER - 2. Winning the Listing

Seller leads who I am engaged with to win their business.

SELLER - 3. Exclusive and Preparation

Sellers clients who have signed a listing agreement with us and are preparing their home for sale while we list it exclusively.

SELLER - 4. Live on MLS

Sellers whose properties are actively listed on MLS

SELLER - 4a. Offer Day

A tag to use to automate some information about delayed offer dates for sellers.

SELLER - 5. Conditionally Sold

Seller clients whose property have a conditionally accepted offer.

SELLER - 6. Pending/Firm

Seller clients whose property is now sold firm and waiting to close.

SELLER - 7a. Condo Closing

Seller clients who have just closed on a condo.

SELLER - 7b. Freehold Closing

Seller clients who have just closed on a freehold (residential) property.

Beacon Hill Farm Area

Contacts from Nick’s Beacon Hill farm area

Best Clients List

Our “Top 50” repeat clients and referrers. Treat them like gold and hold special events for them.

Contractors and Businesses

Business contacts. May or may not also be clients or referral sources.


Nick’s contacts from curling.

Dog Lover

Dog owners/enthusiasts. Bring a treat by when you pop by!

Nick’s Family

Nick’s family

Nick’s Friend

Nick’s friend. Would invite them out socially without a real-estate related function.

Nick’s Past Colleague

Past colleagues of Nick. Should make a note of where we worked together and when.

Follow Up Boss

Employee of Follow Up Boss


Enjoys Videogames and might enjoy a gaming-themed event

Gloucester High School

Alumnus of GHS in Beacon Hill, where Gill went to school.


Enjoys golf. Might enjoy a golf tournament or golf-themed event.

Postal Codes (K1C, etc)

Auto-assigned by FUB to match up with certain properties

Karim’s Client

Clients and Leads brought in by Karim Ali, who would leave with Karim if he decided to go out on his own.

Katye’s Client

Clients and Leads brought in by Katye Landry, who would leave with Karim if he decided to go out on his own.

in iXact

Client has been added to iXact Contact CRM so that we can direct mail them.


Investor Client

No Contact Info

Automatically Created by FUB - Use to find who is missing contact details and update.


Clients who have specifically been asked to be removed from the printed newsletter in iXact


Automatically Created by FUB for auto-tagging

Pie Giveaway

Shortlist for Pie Giveaway


Contacts who are Realtors


Contacts who are Lenders


Reddit Users


Have worked with this person for a relocation in or out of Ottawa

Tire Change Day Invite List

Invite these people to our Tire Change Days

Wrong Number

Automatically Created by FUB for auto-tagging


Receive our printed newsletter and should also be in iXact with updated contact details.

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