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To close more sales by converting leads and prospects to clients with a useful Buyer Presentation. A great Buyer Presentation is part sales, part marketing.


A Buyer Presentation should happen for all Buyers. It may have small changes from client to client, but should never be skipped because of the trust and rapport that it builds with the prospects, and how it positions us as experts to our clients. A great presentation will help to avoid many potential issues down the road.

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In advance of meeting the Buyers for the Presentation:

  • Share the New Client Intake Form (051) with them to fill in.

  • Create a OneHome search for them based upon their criteria.

  • Make a list of your own questions that you may have for them.

  • If they have a home to sell, let Nick know and tag their FUB record with Contact | Seller tag.


A typical Buyer Presentation on our team takes anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes depending upon how much pre-research the prospects have done on our team and how many questions that they have.

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself - Ask the prospects to tell about themselves. Share about yourself, too, but remember to keep things moving.

  2. Here’s what to expect today - Outline what the meeting will be like. Emphasize that our team is available to answer their questions, now and forever going forward.

  3. Ask for a referral (gently) - Explain that your goal is not just their success in buying a home, but to do such a great job at it that they’re going to mention it to their friends and family. “What do I need to be outstanding for you?”

  4. Here’s what I understand so far - Discuss the prospects’ intake form to make sure that you have the same understanding of their needs and wants. It’s best to have a tab open to their intake form and update immediately if there are any changes. Show them the additional tabs on their search such as important dates, links to videos, and our feedback and get-to-know-you surveys.

  5. Walk them through the steps - Use Our Current Buyer Presentation to narrate them through the process ahead. Pause to check in and ask questions along the way, and allow for questions.

  6. Walk them through OneHome (Matrix) - Using the portal search that you’ve already created, walk them through:

    1. What the search looks like on our team’s side

    2. What their side looks like

    3. How to flag and comment on properties

    4. How to request showings (via email)

  7. Discuss next steps - Usually these involve:

    1. scheduling a first block of “research” showings. Set a date and time for these at the meeting.

    2. Confirming that the Buyers have a pre-approval. If you know their details, add them to their Intake Form

  8. Leave them with a set of paperwork - They are welcome to sign in the meeting, online, or after we’ve done some showings together.


  • CMHC

  • GEO Ottawa

  • Matrix (you gets access from your Realtor —> setting up portal search)

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