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For full list, see the duties for this position.


Every Morning. 9:00-9:10

  • Join Google Meet or in-person daily team huddle.

Every Morning 9:10-10:00

  • Hard prospecting and make notes in Follow-Up Boss. Voice-to-voice phone calls (not just texts or emails) to leads and prospects, not active clients. Focus on:

    • Reaching leads that you have not yet been able to speak to and categorize as an A, B, C, nurture or trash.

    • Getting an appointment with A, B or C prospects

    • Inviting a member of your sphere to coffee, a client event or some other item of value.

Every Morning 10:00-11:00

  • Content creation. Work on your content for the week for the weekly content newsletter. This will generally be a video plus blog entry.

  • To-do list on Use your to-do list and check it for assignments from Nick or the admin team.

Every Morning 11:00-12:00

  • Soft prospecting and make notes in Follow-Up Boss. Although voice-to-voice calls are still best, this could also be texts, emails and handwritten notes. Focus on:

    • Converting leads into prospects by providing value.

    • Strengthening relationship with prospects by nurturing the relationship and getting to know what they need.

    • Bring value to your sphere with follow-up and deepening your relationships.

  • To-do list on Use your to-do list and check it for assignments from Nick or the admin team.


  • Consider using lunches to deepen relationships. Take a prospect or member of your sphere for coffee. Meet a colleague in the cafeteria to share ideas. Things like that. A good goal would be to do this twice a week.

Every Afternoon before leaving the office

  • Create schedule for tomorrow in calendar

  • Make notes on any leads or prospects that you contacted today

  • Add to-dos to Monday to-do list or agent’s to-do list. This must be done before leaving the office.


  • Schedule a time to preview any new listings that may be coming up this week.


  • Listing Launch Days - If we are launching listings this week, they take priority over other activities.

  • Coordinate holding an open house for the weekend with our Listing Coordinator. If it is your weekend on your are expected to be available for at least one day of open house. If our team does not have an open house available, work with Listing Coordinator to find one from another team or agent. If no open houses are available, plan to door knock around one of our listings or for one of your buyer clients.

  • Put up the open house topper.


  • 10:00 - Attend Weekly Sales meeting (for Realtors). Check that everyone is on track. Set goals for agent lead-gen activities for the week ahead and set expectations for content creation and posting.

  • Batch video shoot with Jan Tiley

  • Deadline to put up open house topper.


  • Create weekly market update for any of your buyers that are in the active/shopping status in Follow-Up Boss.


  • Attend our weekly Level 10 meeting.

Saturdays and Sundays

  • Have at least one afternoon available from 2-4 pm for an open house.

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