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How to turn a problem/hurdle into an opportunity.


Approaching unexpected problems the right way in our business allows us to keep files from falling apart, and can turn a challenging story into a great one. This results in a net of more closed transactions and more referrals.

Authority to Solve Problems

Every member of the team has Nick’s trust to solve problems in a reasonable way, even if it costs Nick money. Check with Nick, but the general limit is $1000; if the client’s problem can be solved for less than that amount, it’s usually worthwhile.

Think of it this way: are we more likely to get business by spending $1000 on traditional marketing to people that we don’t know, or by spending $1000 to show someone we have an existing relationship that we care and that we’re there for them in their time of need.

Teaching clients to call us first.

It’s wonderful when our clients see us as the first point of contact when they have a problem for their home, and even more so when the problem isn’t home related! It means that they know our team as people that they can trust, who can find out the answers, and who will act in their best interests.

Here are some ways that we can teach our clients. Feel free to add to this list.

  • Encourage past clients to tell their stories in reviews and testimonial videos for potential clients to see

  • Explain in a Buyer meeting how we want to be the first call for all problems

  • Keep in touch with past clients and suggest contractors or professionals

  • Share our professionals directory with past and current clients


  • A client’s basement toilet starts leaking before work and he calls us to see if we know a plumber. “Leave us a key and leave it to us. I’ve contacted three plumbers that I know and we’ll let him in. You go ahead and go to work and we’ll keep you updated.”

  • A client plugs too many things in their new bathroom and trips the main breaker. “Turn on the flashlight on your phone and I’ll walk you through how to reset the breakers.”

  • A new buyer finds that the previous owner has left junk and furniture behind. “I’ve just called 1-800 GOT JUNK and they’re available on Tuesday. They’ll invoice me directly and I can pursue the Seller over it. You don’t have to be out-of-pocket. Are you home or would you like me to meet them at your house?”

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