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Intended Result

Intended to create a smooth, seamless handoff of a client to an agent in another market.


If we can give a consistent experience to clients leaving our market, we create opportunities for referral fees and to create relationships with colleagues in other markets.

Recording an Agent Contact in our CRM

We use Followup Boss as our CRM

  • The admin assistant is responsible for ensuring that CRM data is complete and audited annually

  • Must record

    • Full name

    • Company

    • email

    • phone # (cell)

    • Notes on how we were connected and who we have referred

  • Set stage to “Realtor in Another Market (do not include in newsletters)

  • Tag as “Nick’s SOI,” “Out of Market Realtor”

  • Write detailed notes about how we know them and who they’ve referred to us, or vice-versa.

Referring to an Out-of-Market Agent

We are responsible for ensuring that the handoff goes smoothly for the other agent and the client.

  • Our typical fee that we pay out for referrals, or expect from sending a referral out, is 25% of GCI for that deal. Ask Nick about any exceptions.

  • Agent is responsible for completing referral paperwork.

  • Administrative Assistant is responsible for completing referral trade in NexOne within two days of receiving paperwork from agent.

Receiving a Referral

  1. Write an email to the incoming client and cc the referring Realtor to show that you have reached out. Suggest two available times for a follow-up call.

  2. Complete the referral paperwork and send to the referring agent in a separate email.

  3. Send the referring agent a handwritten thank-you note and gift card.

  4. Call the referring agent when the deal is firm to thank them again and let them know the new address and closing date.

    1. If we were not able to close the deal, call the referring agent to thank them for the referral, let them know and send an appropriate thank-you gift for the referral opportunity.

Sending a Referral

  1. Call the client to ask if an email referral works best, or if they’d prefer the agent to call them.

  2. Call the receiving agent to see if they have capacity for a referral, and confirm that we refer out at 25% to our team.

  3. Send an email to client and receiving agent to introduce them. Ask receiving agent to suggest two times that would work to connect.

  4. Complete the referral paperwork and send to the receiving agent via email.

  5. When we learn the outcome and new address of the client, set a reminder for the agent to call within 1 week of closing to ensure that closing went smoothly and that their experience with the receiving agent was positive.

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