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About Nick’s Website

Nick’s website is operated by Nomad.Works. Our contact there is Shayne Macaulay, he’s the owner. 613.369.5044 x100. 

How to add a new listing

  1. Once the listing is active on MLS, email the MLS page directly from MLS to and it will automatically show up under one of the Property Administration sections, depending on what kind of property it is classified as on MLS (residential, rental etc.)

  2. If the property is NOT listed on MLS (exclusive) click on the property classification the property falls under, click the “Add” button on the top right, and fill out the information manually.

    1. *Tip* - since there is no MLS number, enter 00000 in the MLS number section, otherwise you will not be able to access the listing after you’ve saved it

  3. To add photos, click on the plus symbol in the Images section and upload

  4. Once all of the information is in there, check the “Listing is live on the site” (top of page) box and it will show up on the website. 

How to add an Open House

  1. Click on the “Open House Slots” tab (Image 30) 

  2. Click “Add Open House Slot” 

  3. Enter open house date, start time and end time and then click save

  4. Click on the property address at which the open house is being held.

  5. In the Open House box the date and time you entered will show up there, click on it so that it is highlights and then click save at the bottom of the screen. 

  6. Go to Nick’s website and make sure that the open house shows up on the listings page. 

  7. Once the date and time has passed the open house box on the website will automatically disappear do you do not need to remove it. Set it and forget it! 

How to add a blog post

  1. See image 30, under Blog Administration click on Posts

  2. Click on “Add Post”

  3. Fill out the blog content you’d like, you can embed video and photo if you’d like

  4. Once you’re done, click save at the bottom and the post will show up on the website. You can also schedule blog posts to post at a certain time if you’re not ready to post right away. 

  5. *this is where you would post the Monthly MLS stats and chart post* 

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